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Five Cheap Upgrades to Make your Custom Trailer More Useful

When it comes to custom horse trailers people often wonder if they’re going overboard with their choices.  After all, they may only use their trailer a few weekends a year and those short trips might not justify looking at horse trailers with living quarters.  If you’re driving yourself up the wall trying to choose the best options for your custom horse trailer, there are a few inexpensive upgrades you really can’t forget if you decide to keep it simple, including:

Storage Boxes.  It should go without saying that the more storage the better when there’s a living area involved, but even if you’re just going to have a tack room in your new horse trailer, you should add a carpeted storage box.  Carpeted storage boxes span the nose of your trailer and will give you a place to sit, stash blankets and, if you go with a gooseneck horse trailer, double as a step for the gooseneck area.

Cowboy Showers.  After two or three days at a horse event without a shower, you’ll start contemplating bathing in the nearest muddy pond.  Although a cowboy shower is pretty basic, it is way better than waiting for a heavy rainstorm and will get you much cleaner than your standard stagnant body of water or horse trough.

Upright Water Tanks.  With or without the cowboy shower, an upright water tank is a must-have if you plan on taking your trailer anywhere far from home.  Not only can you store extra water for yourself, you can keep an extra stash for the horses here, too.  Water tanks will need regular cleaning, but take up way less space than stashing water in smaller containers on board. 

Front Stall Storage Partitions.  What can’t you do with a front stall storage partition?  If you opt for the cowboy shower, you can hang a shower curtain and use the front stall as your personal shower, or set up your cot in the front stall on long trips.  Don’t forget all the gear, hay and feed you can stash in the front stall with one of these solid partitions in place. 

110V Electrical Systems.  Although water is indispensable on a long trip, electricity is a very close second.  You’re bound to bring something with you that needs power, be it a Smartphone, electric razor or your favorite electric heater.  Sure, the campground might have a place you can plug in, but be sure you can power your devices with your own juice.

Designing custom horse trailers isn’t a task for the faint of heart -- it requires a hard look at your needs, wants and budget to achieve the balance necessary to get it exactly right.  Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. The team at Double D has years of experience building custom trailers for all types of horse owners.  From basic bumper pulls to high tech living quarters trailers, we’ve got the skills to create the exact horse trailer your horse adventures require.  Give us a call at 1-888-244-2029 or visit our website for a quote on your custom horse trailer today.

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