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Trinity Animal Rescue Center, Inc. - Buhl, Idaho

A Rescue That Believes No Animal is Beyond Rehabilitation

trinity animal rescue

Located in Buhl, Idaho, Maria has always had a strong passion for animals. Maria has dedicated her whole life to rescuing animals of all kinds. She personally has two dogs, two cats, and a horse, who are all rescues. Because of her passion for animals, Maria became a certified professional animal trainer and opened Trinity Animal Rescue Center, Inc. She believes that training can help prevent a majority of animal surrenders, and that proper training gives the animal and their family the confidence to thrive. Maria says, "My passion always was, and will be animals. I have witnessed so much animal abuse which has clearly changed my perspective on our society. I do believe that these innocent souls need to be protected from cruelty, killing on mass in shelters, and from slaughter houses.”

Trinity Animal Rescue Center, Inc. (TARC) is a 501(c)(3) organization. Their rescue strives to rescue as many dogs and cats as possible from overflow shelters, as well as abandoned/stray animals from harsh environments. The mission at Trinity Animal Rescue Center is clear: Thou Shall Not Kill. At Trinity, they believe that no animal is beyond rehabilitation or training, and work hard to get each and every animal ready to thrive in their new home. Maria and the team at Trinity are not only passionate about dogs and cats, but all animals - including horses and other livestock. Currently, Maria and the team are able to rescue horses from kill pens. They are working diligently to further expand their resources to be able to help rescue more livestock and horses. Trinity Animal Rescue Center also has a goal to open the region’s first and only no-kill animal rescue facility in Twin Falls County, Idaho. 

The current need for animal rescues is huge. If you are interested in finding out how you can help support Trinity Animal Rescue Center, Inc., you can click here to contact them or click here to donate directly on their website. 100% of donations go to fund Trinity Animal Rescue Center’s mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals.


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