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Horse Trailer Buying Guide for Smart Owners

Find the perfect horse trailer! Our comprehensive Horse Trailer Guide offers everything you need for a smart purchase. From first-time buyer tips to expert maintenance advice, discover:

  • Industry insights and reviews
  • Trailer comparisons and solutions to common problems
  • Essential dos and don'ts for buying and owning

Get the knowledge you need to ensure your horses travel safely and comfortably.

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Horse Trailer Buying Guides

The Complete Horse Trailer Guide

Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Horse Trailer Buyers

How to Spot and Avoid Cheap Horse Trailers

How To Buy Horse Trailers Online

Horse Trailer Pricing Guide

Used Horse Trailer Buying Guide

How to Order a Double D Trailers Model from Canada

How to Qualify for Horse Trailer Financing

Horse Trailer Credit Application Form & Details

How to Purchase Roadside Assistance For Your Horse Trailer

What is Equestrian Roadside Assistance?

Renting a Horse Trailer: Pros and Cons 


Guides on Horse Trailer Types

Compare 23 Horse Trailer Types: Which One Should You Buy?

Why are Reverse Load Horse Trailers Popular?    

Why is the SafeTack Reverse Horse Trailer the Best Design?     

Double D Trailers’ Reverse Haul Design: Top Features    

Learn How the SafeTack Reverse Design Eases Loading    

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Straight Load Horse Trailer

Straight Load Living Quarters Horse Trailers: Key Considerations 

Straight vs Slant Load Horse Trailers: Which is Better? 

Avoid the Dangers of Slant Load Rear Tack Compartments 

Side Load Horse Trailer Buyer’s Guide 

4-Horse Head-to-Head Trailers: Guide and Review

Stock Trailers: Pros & Cons

Why Opt For a Custom Horse Trailer?

Custom Horse Trailers: Key Considerations

How to Design a Custom Horse Trailer With Carriage Modifications

How to Upgrade Your Bumper Pull to a Gooseneck Horse Trailer


Horse Trailer Manufacturing & Design Guides

A Buyer’s Guide to Horse Trailer Construction 

Complete Guide on Quality Assurance in Horse Trailer Manufacturing 

Z-Frame vs. Aluminum: Which is Better?

How Does Trailer Construction Affect Towing Performance? 

Buyer’s Guide to Horse Trailer Materials & Parts

How to Choose the Best Horse Trailer Materials 

Advantages of Rivet-Free Horse Trailer Construction 

Interior Protection for Your Horses

Buyer’s Guide to Horse Trailer Interior Walls 

Horse Trailer Partitions and Dividers 101

How to Choose The Right Horse Trailer Dividers 

Why Regulated Horse Trailer Interior Temperature is Critical 

A Guide on Horse Trailer Windows 

How to Prevent Horses from Overheating in Your Horse Trailer 

Why Is Insulation in a Horse Trailer Important? 

How to Prevent Horse Trailer Floor Failure 

Rumber Flooring in Your Horse Trailer: Pros & Cons

Benefits of Rumber Flooring in Horse Trailers 

Horse Trailer Floors: The Dos & Don’ts

A Detailed Overview of Horse Trailer Aluminum Floors 

Ramps vs. Step-Ups in Horse Trailers: Which is Safer? 

What is the Safest Roof Material for Horse Trailers?


Horse Trailer Safety Guides

Horse Trailer Safety Standards Guide For Buyers and Owners

Must-Have Horse Trailer Safety Features

Horse Trailer Safety Features to Look For

Common Horse Trailer Owner Mistakes

Worst Horse Trailer Flaws in History

Dangerous Horse Trailer Features to Avoid

Dangerous Horse Trailer Features With Shocking Photos

Horse Trailer Safety: Lessons from an Accident

Manage a Horse Trailer Accident: A Step-by-Step Process

How to Handle an Overturned Horse Trailer Situation (Part 1)

How to Handle an Overturned Horse Trailer Situation (Part 2)

How to Transport Sick and Injured Horses

Tying Alternatives to Protect Your Horse and Trailer


Parts & Accessories Guides

The Equestrian’s Ultimate Guide to Horse Trailer Must-Haves

Horse Trailer Accessories: The Essential List

Optional Horse Trailer Features To Have

Affordable Horse Trailer Accessories & Upgrades

Living Quarters Horse Trailer Upgrades

Double D Trailers' Best Buy List of Horse Trailer Safety Gear

Why is Nitrogen Good for Your Horse Trailer’s Tires?

The Equestrian’s Guide to Horse Trailer Tires

A Buyer's Guide to Horse Trailer Brakes

Horse Trailer Axles: Everything You Need To Know

Best Horse Trailer Camera Systems

Horse Trailer Door Screen: Do You Need One?

How to Use Horse Trailer Rubber Mats Properly


Horse Trailer Laws & Regulations

Horse Trailer Laws: A Comprehensive Guide

Must-Know Laws and Rules for Towing a Horse Trailer


Horse Trailer Facts & Trivia

Horse Trailer Terminology

Horse Trailer History

13 Horse Trailer History Facts

Common Horse Trailer Myths to Be Aware Of

Unbelievable Luxury Horse Trailers

What Other Things Can You Haul In a Horse Trailer?

How Horse Trailers Saved Lives During the 2015 California Wildfire

Custom Horse Trailer Design Gallery

How did COVID-19 impact the Horse Trailer Industry?


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