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When is a Stock Trailer the Right Choice?

When you’re shopping for horse trailers, you’ve got a lot of choices.  You can choose a gooseneck horse trailer or a bumper pull with room for two or more horses.  If you’ve got a really big budget, extras like living quarters become options, but what if you’re just looking for something simple?  Sometimes, a stock trailer is the right choice for your horse and your budget, but if you buy the wrong trailer now, you’ll have to live with that decision for many years.  So, when is a stock trailer the right choice?

Benefits of Stock Trailers

If you’re looking for a cheap, short haul trailer, a stock trailer may be your best option.  These trailers can get the job done, especially if you rarely haul your horse or only trailer him for a short distance.  Other benefits of stock trailers include: 

Flexibility.  A stock trailer, unlike a horse trailer, is designed to haul a variety of livestock.  You can take your pigs to market one day and haul a herd of goats home the next without needing to do anything except clean the trailer out.  That flexibility is great for farmers with other livestock, allowing them to have just one trailer for all their animals.

Hauling Options.  Especially large or small horses aren’t a problem in a stock trailer, since most are designed to haul completely open or with only a few dividers.  There’s a lot of empty space in a stock trailer, which can be good for big guys or several little guys who need to ride together.  You can also haul your horse tied or untied in a stock trailer.

Ventilation.  Horse trailers can be problematic where ventilation is concerned, especially if you’ve got a lot of tack space or solid dividers between horse compartments.  Because of the open nature of stock trailers and their free-flowing design, there’s plenty of ventilation for horses traveling inside, even without any true windows or roof vents.

Stock Trailer Drawbacks 

Think twice about trying to get away with a stock trailer if you plan to haul your horse very often.  You may find yourself spending more on additional horse care than you ever would have had to spring for a true horse trailer.  Long or frequent horse trips need a horse trailer and here’s why:

Stock trailers are noisy.  Horses on the go may become increasingly nervous about riding in a stock trailer as time goes by because they lack the insulation that makes a true horse trailer safer for these animals.  Not only does insulation keep your horse calm by muffling road noises, it prevents dangerous overheating in the horse compartment.

Shifting can be a problem.  You can imagine how much changing the balance of horse trailers can affect how well they pull -- if your horse is shifting back and forth because they have nothing good to lean against as you turn, speed up or slow down, your trailer is going to pull very poorly.  In addition to being easier to pull, horses are less likely to fall in a true horse trailer since they can lean against side partitions and special breast and butt bars.

No bells or whistles.  You don’t always need bells and whistles, to be sure, but if you travel a lot with your horse it may save you money in the long run to have living quarters or a tack room where you can toss a cot.  Stock trailers don’t consider things like storage or comfort, they’re basic utility trailers meant to be used for short trips. 

When you’re ready to look at the differences between basic stock trailers and better equipped horse trailers, check out the many models we offer at Double D Trailers.  We build our trailers from the ground up, so you always get exactly what you need, even if that’s just a basic livestock hauler.

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