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Wild Horse Rescue Center – Webster, FL

“Dedicated to the Preservation of America's Wild Horses”

wild horse rescue center

Located on a 42-acre property in Webster, Florida, the Wild Horse Rescue Center (WHRC) is a non-profit that focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and facilitating horse adoptions.  The team at WHRC work directly with different agencies all across the United States to acquire mustangs and burros. The relationships and partnerships that WHRC has developed help them to further identify animals that need rescuing while abiding by all state/federal regulations.

wild horse rescue centerAfter rescuing the wild horses, the staff at Wild Horse Rescue Center work around the clock to provide love and care to these horses. The main goal in their rehabilitation process is to rebuild trust with humans. The final step in their rescue process is facilitating adoptions. After the horses have been rescued and rehabilitated at their facilities, the horses are eligible to be adopted. The team at WHRC believes that adoption of wild horses is the most important step in their long road to recovery, so they can fully heal with the love they will receive with their forever family.

How Can You Help?

You can help the efforts at Wild Horse Rescue Center by donating here. Their facility relies on donations. The basic medical care and food for a horse without special needs is typically $1,700/year, however wild horses often require extensive medical care during their recovery. The horses at WHRC usually incur an average cost of $3,000/year, and the facility usually houses around 50 rescue horses.

Another option to support WHRC is to sponsor one of their horses. Sponsoring a horse will ensure that horse gets the care it deserves throughout their stay at WHRC. Lastly, if you are interested in adopting any of the horses that have been rehabilitated at WHRC, you can view their available list of adoptees here.

Contact Wild Horse Rescue Center:


12103 SE 47th Dr, Webster, FL 33597


(321) 427-1523

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