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Buying the Best 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer: A Practical Guide

Last updated May 24, 2024 by Martin Nikolaev

Did you know that finding the best 1-horse bumper pull trailer can be a bit of a challenge? It’s a painstaking process of matching your horse’s size to countless makes and models’ dimensions, not to mention that you must pick the right materials and safety features.

Soon-to-be horse trailer owners may find 1-horse bumper pulls limiting at first, but opting for such a trailer brings the kind of freedom no other model can. In this guide, we’ll outline the important factors to look for in a 1-horse bumper pull trailer model and share the best and safest options you can find on the market today.

Buying the Best 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer: A Practical Guide by Double D Trailers

What to Look for in a One-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer: Essential Buying Factors

The key factors to consider when in the market for a 1-horse bumper pull trailer include the size of your horse, appropriate trailer layout, construction materials, safety options, comfort features, and storage amenities. 

• Horse Size

How does horse size determine your trailer choice? It’s the highest priority that should dictate your further decisions and preferences. If your horse can’t fit, load, and unload safely and comfortably in a bumper pull model that you might be interested in, then all other perks it boasts don’t matter at all. 

Furthermore, the weight of your horse directly affects the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and influences the weight distribution. A BP trailer is the right size not only if it accommodates a horse properly by allowing for enough headroom but also if it supports the horse’s weight without jeopardizing road safety and handling. 

Trailer Dimensions

Checking the trailer dimensions is the first step when comparing 1-horse bumper pull trailers. 1-horse bumper pulls are generally easier and safer to tow, but only if they’re the right fit for your horse. The good news is that you can custom-order a trailer with the perfect dimensions. Double D Trailers’ SafeTack Single Horse Trailer, for instance, comes with a 7’4” interior height as standard but can be ordered with the right dimensions to accommodate horses of 17.2 hands and above. 

Trailer Weight Capacity

Trailer weight capacity, or Gross Trailer Weight (GTW), stands for the maximum allowed mass of a fully loaded horse trailer, including its weight, load, and equipment. Not exceeding this value is important for two reasons: first, it’s contrary to all safety protocols and standards, and second, it’s illegal in most states.

To guarantee safety, you should confirm that the trailer you’ve set eyes on can handle the weight of your horse and all tack and gear needed. It should be the perfect fit, especially if you intend to use it frequently. Some equestrians choose 2-horse trailers for hauling a single horse in fear that a 1-horse bumper pull unit would be too small, but the bigger overall box length equals harder towing and higher maintenance costs. 

Weight Distribution

While trailer weight capacity suggests the maximum weight of a fully loaded trailer, weight distribution refers to how the weight of the vehicle, including the load, is spread and balanced. This is a crucial factor for performance, ease of towing, stability, and overall safety. 

It’s not easy to achieve proper weight distribution. When the trailer’s weight is spread evenly over the axles and neither the front nor the rear is overloaded, you shouldn’t experience any issues with handling and maneuverability. The same goes for the load. Compromised weight distribution can cause steering problems, trailer sway, and uneven braking performance, all of which can result in a major accident. 

Weight distribution directly affects maneuverability and can either lead to trouble-free towing or a complete disaster. When the weight is perfectly balanced, it makes the trailer predictable and easy to handle on the highway, on narrow, windy roads, or during a series of maneuvers. 1-horse bumper pulls often come with a box length shorter than 12’, and thanks to their relatively small dimensions, they weigh less than 2H or 3H tag-along models, which means less tongue weight. As a result, 1-horse bumper pulls can be towed by many daily-driven vehicles with ease, as long as they’re perfectly balanced and never overloaded. Still, less weight doesn’t equal allowed weight distribution compromises. 

• Loading Style Options

Single-horse trailers come with straight load or slant load layouts: the former accommodates the horse in a forward-facing position in parallel with the trailer’s sides, while the latter offers either a forward-facing, angled load configuration. Both types have pros and cons to consider, but the slant load style has some notable advantages: it allows for shorter overall box length, enough space for a dressing room, and safer loading/unloading. 

Slant Load

The slant load layout offers a more welcoming rear entrance and provides better accommodation thanks to the removable dividers and tack storage features some models are equipped with. Plus, horses loaded in a slant load configuration are more stable during transport because of their natural position which allows them to keep their balance while the trailer is in motion. A single-horse slant load trailer is ideal for everyday use

Double D Trailers’ SafeTack Single Horse Slant Load Trailer is a fine example of all the above. This model offers a slant load design for easier horse loading and unloading. The trailer also features a swing-out tack compartment that completely opens up the rear entrance/exit point, thus further enhancing the loading and unloading processes. 

Slant Load 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer pros:

  • Shorter box length than a straight load saves weight and enhances maneuverability 
  • Safer loading and unloading 
  • Better interior space utilization allows for amenities such as a dressing room
  • More natural position for the horse to stand in

Slant load 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer cons:

  • Some horse stalls inside slant load trailers can’t fit horses larger than 16 hands due to limited stall size

1 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

Straight Load

One-horse straight load (also referred to as walk-through) trailers offer a somewhat classic layout that equestrians have been using for decades. While they’re affordable and practical, they offer limited space for storage, while a slant load layout can offer a dressing room when the overall box length is comparable or even shorter.  

Straight Load 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer pros:

  • Often more affordable than slant load models
  • Typically come with wider stalls as standard
  • Walk-through exit door can be used as an emergency exit

Straight Load 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer cons:

  • Often heavier than slant load trailers with similar features 
  • Typically no space for a dressing room

• Construction Material

The safety, longevity, maintenance, and overall dependability of your 1-horse bumper pull trailer largely depend on the materials and methods invested in the design and fabrication process. Materials also affect performance, ease of towing, and price, among other factors. 

Many consider trailers constructed from high-grade aluminum to be the best option for their light weight and durability, but steel also remains a popular, affordable, and preferred material. Still, there’s a better alternative to both: Z-Frame Technology. This innovation combines steel’s strength with aluminum's lightness. 


Aluminum is widely used in horse trailer manufacturing. Many brands offer nothing but all-aluminum models, and other companies combine steel frames with aluminum upright structures. 

Aluminum 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Easier regular maintenance 
  • Often better resale value 

Aluminum 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer cons:

  • Not as flexible as steel: it tends to tear and crack instead of flex
  • Conducts heat
  • Prone to corrosion 
  • More expensive than steel
  • Less load capability than steel


Steel is a traditional construction material in the horse trailer industry. It can handle heavier loads compared to aluminum, and it can flex under extreme stress. However, steel is significantly heavier, and its biggest enemy is rust. 

Steel 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer pros:

  • Capable of high loads
  • Easier to process than aluminum 
  • More affordable than aluminum

Steel 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer cons:

  • Rusts sooner or later
  • Weights more than aluminum

Aluminum-Steel Combination 

Some manufacturers choose an alternative route: they combine steel and aluminum in an attempt to benefit from their advantages. Such a combination typically involves a steel frame and an aluminum upright structure and allows for lower combined weight, but due to the combination of materials and the fabrication processes needed for building such a trailer, the price is hardly better when compared to steel or all-aluminum trailers.


The alternative to all other options is called Z-Frame. It not only combines the best of both worlds (steel and aluminum), but it also eliminates their weak points. The technology involves coating steel tubing with zinc and chromate, which results in a lightweight, strong, durable, and completely rustproof material. It’s as strong as steel and several times stronger than aluminum. It doesn’t rust or corrode and remains flexible enough to withstand heavy loads. Thanks to the special bonding method used in assembling Z-Frame trailers incorporating the 3M VHB technology, there are no weak points such as riveted joints or welds. 

Z-Frame 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer pros:

  • As light as aluminum
  • As strong as steel
  • Much stronger than aluminum
  • No rust or corrosion issues
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Better waterproofing 
  • Longer projected lifespan compared to steel or aluminum trailers (or a combination of them)

Z-Frame 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer cons:

  • Patented by Double D Trailers, therefore, exclusive to the brand’s model range

• Safety Features

Safety and comfort are the two key priorities in horse trailer manufacturing. Focusing on the former should result in an adequate design comprising various features and specific equipment that bring safety during loading or unloading and when on the road.

Double D Trailers’ SafeTack Single Horse Trailer is a prime example of what prioritizing horse safety means. It comes with unique standard features such as the swing-out SafeTack rear-mounted compartment, the SafeKick Wall System, and the SafeBump one-piece composite roof, alongside padded dividers and slant wall, floor mats, a walk-through door, and so forth.

The list of essential safety features of an ideal 1-horse bumper pull trailer Includes advanced emergency brakes for enhanced safety. It should also be equipped with bright LED lights for increased visibility (both interior and exterior).

Emergency Brakes

In addition to the trailer’s electric or hydraulic braking system, it should come equipped with an electric breakaway system as well, alongside safety chains or cables. The breakaway system engages if the primary brakes fail.


Proper illumination is key for several reasons, all of which are related to safety. Exterior lights include side markers and corner lights that outline the trailer’s dimensions and make it visible from afar. Additionally, loading lights allow for a clear view of the rear doors, which enhances loading/unloading during dark hours. Interior lights allow for a well-lit horse area, which eliminates the feeling of confinement and thus allows horses to feel calmer, which ultimately results in improved safety.

Walk-Through Door

Not all single-horse trailers come equipped with a walkthrough door, and it’s essential for a trailer’s safety for such a feature to exist. It’s both a convenience and a safety perk, as it can be the only escape route for the handler, as well as an entry/exit point in cases when the rear doors are inoperable, such as an accident, for instance.

Sturdy Dividers with a Latch System

To prevent your horse from trying to back out from the trailer when he sees the rear doors are opened, the stall divider should be equipped with a latch system. It should also be constructed from a strong material that’s impossible to break or bend when exposed to stress. This is how your horse will stay protected in the event of a collision or a sudden change in direction when the horse might end up being slammed into the divider. This is where the aforementioned padded dividers might come into play. 

• Comfort Features

Horse welfare during transport in 1-horse bumper pull trailers is unthinkable without a plethora of comfort features that alleviate stress and prevent health issues or injuries. Wall insulation, padding, floor mats, and proper ventilation are key for your horse’s well-being during transport in a single-horse trailer.


A perfect single-horse trailer always provides superior insulation for temperature control. Wall insulation not only helps maintain a steady interior temperature by reducing heat and preventing extreme cold, but it also dampens outside noises and reduces vibrations, which could otherwise cause anxiety and health issues.

Thick Wall Padding

1H bumper pull trailers designed with thick wall padding for horse comfort are always the better option. It might not seem like much, but 2” of padding on the slant wall and dividers can double as a comfort feature and a safety option.

Floor Mats

A non-slip floor is essential for both comfort and safety, making it yet another feature that has more than a single function. Floor mats prevent slipping during loading and unloading but also provide horses with the stable foundation they need to feel comfortable enough for hours at a time. 

Excellent Ventilation

Proper ventilation is key for horses’ health during transport. Hot, dense air full of harmful particles is one of the biggest threats for horses and may cause dehydration or anxiety, among other possible issues. Therefore, adequately sized drop-down windows and roof vents play an important role in horses’ comfort, even when there’s only a single horse in the trailer in the case of 1H bumper pulls. 

• Storage Compartments

Storage amenities matter a lot when it comes to 1-horse bumper pull trailers and more or less outline the rig’s practicality and usability. Single-horse trailers are most often used for short-distance trips, but the presence of a dressing room is always an advantage, and the slant load style provides space for such. There are also options for a 1-horse bumper pull model with living quarters.

A well-designed 1H BP trailer always contains ample storage compartments for equipment and supplies. Plus, clever solutions such as the SafeTack rear-mounted compartment further enhance the storage capabilities of a compact 1H bumper pull rig. This patented solution provides generous space for tack and gear while solving a problem that has existed for decades: limited access through the rear doors. 

Double D Trailers' SafeTack system swing-out design in action.

Top One-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer Models in 2023

The best 1-horse bumper pull trailer is always the one that corresponds the most to your needs, preferences, and dreams while ticking all the boxes discussed above, such as:

  • Appropriate layout
  • Sufficient horse area and fitting stall size
  • Ease of access and loading/unloading
  • Time-tested construction materials and innovative fabrication processes
  • Must-have safety and comfort features
  • Enough storage amenities 

Double D Trailers’ model range complies with all factors, and the long list of custom options allows for designing the best 1H bumper pull trailer regardless of the particular requirements. The lineup includes a 1-horse bumper pull slant load trailer with a dressing room and a bigger model equipped with living quarters, both of which combine excellent weight distribution with advanced safety equipment and plenty of standard and optional features. 

There’s a lot in common between the single-horse bumper pull trailer and the 1-horse bumper pull living quarters model. The SafeTack swing-out compartment, for instance, is equally beneficial for both, as some clients’ reviews state. The differences in overall box length and weight should be noted, as they have much to do with tow vehicle choice and other requirements, such as load capacity. 

The LQ model is a specific solution for equestrians who don’t plan on getting another horse anytime soon and often travel to events where staying for several days is the only option. The fully equipped living quarters area provides comfortable accommodation for such purposes. The standard 1H bumper pull model, on the other hand, is meant for shorter trips and can be towed by a variety of tow vehicles. Its smaller size and lighter weight mean it’s more versatile and easier to pull and store.

The SafeTack Single Horse Trailer Model by Double D Trailers

Loading Style: Slant load


  • Overall box length: 11’8”
  • Inside height: 7’4”

Construction Material:

  • Z-Frame
  • Aluminum exterior walls

Unique Features:

  • Z-Frame slant divider
  • SafeTack load design
  • SafeKick wall system
  • SafeBump roof system

Base Price: $30,023

Customization Options (additional charges apply)

  • Horse area and stall dimensions for larger horses (up to 17.2 hands and above)
  • Rumber flooring
  • Horse area conveniences
  • Optional comfort features
  • Metallic or black exterior color
  • Exterior vinyl stripes and graphics 

1 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

The SafeTack 1-Horse Bumper Pull With Living Quarters by Double D Trailers

Loading Style: Slant load


  • Overall box length: 15’8”
  • Inside height: 7’4”, optional 7’6”

Construction Material:

  • Z-Frame
  • Aluminum exterior walls

Unique Features:

  • Z-Frame slant divider
  • SafeTack load design
  • SafeKick wall system

Base Price: $65,204

Customization Options (additional charges apply)

  • Horse area and stall dimensions for larger horses (up to 17.2 hands and above)
  • Rumber flooring
  • Horse area conveniences
  • Optional comfort features
  • Living quarter options
  • Metallic or black exterior color
  • Exterior vinyl stripes and graphics 

1 Horse Bumper Pull LQ Trailer

How to Evaluate a Top-Notch 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer: Expert Insights

A perfect blend of several features related to safety, comfort, easy maintenance, and practicality can easily outline a top-notch 1-horse bumper pull trailer and make it stand out from the competition. It’s a long list that includes dozens of key aspects, such as:

  • Wide enough, unobstructed loading/unloading area that provides easy access through full-height doors, non-slip ramps and floors, and preferably the swing-out SafeTack compartment
  • Sturdy, well-designed, and padded stall and interior walls
  • Solid structural design comprising innovative fabrication methods, durable materials, and excellent weight distribution
  • Perfect ventilation through drop-down windows with screens and roof-mounted vents
  • Emergency breakaway system and safety chains or cables

Some bumper pull horse trailers found on the market today come with non-essential or downright dangerous features and equipment, including:

  • Fixed rear-mounted tack compartments (they cause difficulties when loading or unloading due to the narrower rear entrance)
  • All-aluminum roofs (aluminum conducts heat and turns the inside of the trailer into an oven on hot days)
  • Not enough windows (this limits airflow and natural light inside the trailer, not to mention that it puts your horse at high risk of claustrophobic experiences)Double D Trailers single horse bumper pull trailer

Buy Your Next 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer With Confidence

Using the knowledge gained from this practical guide, you can now make no mistakes when purchasing the ultimate 1-horse bumper pull trailer.

Determining the ideal trailer load capacity and GTW, alongside the correct horse area size, is the first step. Next, taking your time and carefully comparing structural design, materials, storage options, safety perks, and comfort features, you can narrow down your search and make the right investment. 

Although a 1-horse bumper pull trailer is meant for shorter trips, you can use it for any journey you please due to its advantages:

  • affordable
  • compact
  • lightweight
  • easy to tow and maneuver 

So, go ahead and order your 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer with confidence.

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