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Find Your Perfect 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer (2024 Guide)

Last updated January 3, 2024 by Martin Nikolaev

Many 2-horse bumper pull trailer owners have probably been faced with a serious dilemma: “to pull or not to pull”, so to speak. Buyers often wonder between 2-horse bumper pull trailers and goosenecks. Plenty of factors can narrow down this not-so-simple quandary. 

If you’re on a budget and you’re certain you won’t have to haul more than a couple of horses at once, then a 2-horse bumper pull model would not only be a possible answer to such a predicament but could also be the perfect solution altogether. We created this guide to help you find the perfect 2-horse bumper pull trailer and confirm that this is exactly the type of trailer you need.

Find Your Perfect 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

10 Essential Features to Look For in a 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

Finding the best 2-horse bumper pull trailer can be a straightforward process if you know all about the important features to look for when comparing different models. In this section, we’ll discuss the 10 essential features of 2H bumper pulls that outline the perfect choice, according to your needs and preferences.

1. Comfortable Size and Dimensions

Most buyers’ search begins with finding the answer to an important question: What are the standard size and dimensions of a 2-horse bumper pull trailer? The overall box length of 2H bumper pulls is between 13’ and 15’; the average interior height is between 7'4” and 7'6”, and the stall width of most models is between 33” and 40”. Some models allow for custom dimensions: for example, Double D Trailers’ SafeTack 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer’s interior height measures precisely at 7'4”, but it can be customized to 7'6”.

Horses need to be separated enough from one another, but they should still have sufficient headroom and free space to move. A horse stall that accommodates comfortably even larger horses of up to 17 hands is what you should be looking for (interior height should be at least 7'6” in this case). Such a trailer would be a somewhat universal solution when it comes to transporting different breeds. You should avoid overspending on a trailer that’s too big for your needs. 

Pros of custom 2-horse bumper pull trailers:

  • Versatile use
  • Perfect, custom-made layout
  • Plenty of interior space
  • Ample storage space

Cons of custom 2-horse bumper pull trailers:

  • Higher price than standard 2-horse bumper pulls (although always worth it)

Since horse safety and comfort are always the priority when building horse trailers, 2H bumper pulls must be adequately sized, comfortable, and well-designed. A smart layout would allow enough space for a dressing room and tack storage, especially if it’s a clever solution such as the SafeTack swing-out tack compartment, which enhances both safety and practicality.

Given the above, it becomes apparent that the more important question to ask when researching the 2H bumper pull rig market is “What are the ideal size and dimensions of a 2-horse bumper pull trailer for comfort and safety?”. This is how you’ll get all the right answers. 

2. Optimized Trailer Weight Capacity

2-horse bumper pull trailer weight is another crucial aspect that is likely to determine your buying decision. It’s not just the weight of the rig itself, though. Apart from opting for a 2H bumper pull model that can handle the weight of your horses and all relevant tack, gear, and equipment, the trailer should boast a lower-than-usual center of gravity and an optimized layout that efficiently holds the weight it’s intended to. With adequate weight distribution, you will enjoy a more efficient, stress-free, and safer towing experience. Talking about safety, the primary factor to contemplate when it comes to pulling a 2H bumper pull safely is the compatibility between your tow vehicle and trailer. Compare the former’s towing capacity and tongue weight capability with the required numbers before you acquire your new 2-horse bumper pull rig. If your tow vehicle happens to be underrated, you’re exposing both horses and passengers to risk. 

Several factors determine the weight of any bumper pull trailer: size, materials, structural design, and additional options, to name a few. The chosen materials for the frame and the upright structure should form the kind of combination that securely supports any load that the trailer is supposed to handle. 

3. Robust Construction Material

Aluminum and steel are commonly used in the horse trailer industry for decades. Aluminum is lightweight, but it tends to crack and tear when exposed to high stress, not to mention it can corrode. Steel is stronger and flexible enough to handle higher loads and everyday abuse, but its higher weight and inevitable rust issues should be taken into account as well. When comparing aluminum vs. steel 2-horse bumper pull trailers, some consider the former a better choice because of the lighter weight and the easier maintenance. 

All in all, the right materials used for building a 2-horse bumper pull trailer should be light yet durable and rust-proof at the same time. The only solution that ticks all the boxes is Z-Frame Technology. Trailer frames and stall dividers built using this technology are built with durability in mind: they’re comparable to aluminum ones in weight, but they’re five times stronger and can take all the abuse they’re meant to get without showing signs of wear and tear, making them a much safer and cost-efficient choice. 

A custom Double D Trailer being built inside of the factory.

4. Ease of Loading and Unloading

The perfect 2-horse bumper pull trailer should not only offer a welcoming interior but also ease of access. Bumper pulls either come as step-up models or feature loading ramps instead. The latter option is sometimes considered a downside because of the additional weight and potentially dangerous loading process. The truth is, a well-designed ramp will always ensure easy operation and provide a wide enough entry point with a non-slip surface and no steep angle to climb. For instance, unloading a straight load trailer is much harder in a step-up configuration because the horse needs to back up on ground level without any support, which can lead to injuries. Step-up trailers with a straight load layout should always feature a side ramp for easy exit.

But why is easy loading and unloading essential in a 2H bumper pull trailer? The primary reason is safety. An electromyographic study on transport stress in horses published by a group of researchers on the ScienceDirect website suggests that loading conditions, among other factors, is directly related to possible injuries, mainly due to loss of balance. Not all horses are the same: their age, breed, habits, and character may turn loading/unloading into a challenge. By presenting the easiest and safest means of entry and exit, a 2H bumper pull trailer enhances these processes. A major obstacle for many equestrians has always been the restricted access through the rear, but Double D Trailers’ SafeTack design has solved this issue elegantly and practically. It’s a rear-mounted, swing-out tack compartment that doesn’t obstruct the entrance point in the back, which is how it enables easy loading and facilitates smooth unloading. This is how you increase safety and practicality at once.

5. Convenient Access Points

A 2-horse bumper pull trailer provides quick access through several possible access points, some of which are essential, while others are optional. Regardless of the trailer’s particular layout, entrance and exit points should guarantee safety. A 2H bumper pull trailer that features spacious entryways should boast ramps that are easy to fold and unfold. They should also be wide enough, positioned at a reasonable angle when unfolded, and feature a non-slip surface for extra safety. All entry/exit points should also be tall enough for your horses, which is why the size and breed of your horses should be among the top factors when comparing 2-horse bumper pull trailers.

A side exit ramp might be a good idea, depending on the horses' position. A front-mounted exit door for the handler, however, is always a must. This feature can be only escape route in case of an unforeseen situation that requires the handler to evacuate immediately. Such a door can also be used in case of accidents as a way to access the trailer. Depending on the 2-horse bumper trailers’ design, emergency exits can either be full-width emergency doors or appropriate windows. 

6. Non-Claustrophobic Interior Design

2-horse bumper pull models are typically much smaller than 3H bumper pulls; for example, their overall box length is 4’ shorter on average. Horses can experience symptoms of claustrophobia when they feel too confined, which leads to health issues such as dehydration, colic, stress, and even heatstroke (the latter is mentioned in a study debating risk factors in equine transport, published on the National Library of Medicine’s website), not to mention that horses can become erratic as a result and injure themselves. Therefore, a well-designed, non-claustrophobic horse area should always play a key role in horses’ well-being and predictable behavior during transport.

There are plenty of ways to achieve this goal. Double D Trailers’ SafeTack 2 Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull Trailer comes with a white-painted interior that’s more than welcoming for horses, as it promotes an airy and open ambiance and prevents high interior temperatures by not absorbing heat from sun rays. Stall dividers are designed to keep horses separate without completely restricting their view, and they can be custom-ordered to allow more room for movement when needed. Such an option always maximizes a spacious feel, which is beneficial for horses. Additionally, the large windows provide plenty of light inside to eliminate a potentially claustrophobic environment and to allow superb airflow. All these features should be present on the 2H BP trailer you choose to buy, as they hardly affect the final price but make all the difference in how your horses will handle transportation. 

Horses in a Double D Trailer

7. Leak-Proof Roofing System

The roof of any 2-horse bumper pull trailer is probably the one section that many future trailer owners pay the least attention to, and they should. Leaks, for example, are not only a cosmetic problem, as they can cause preliminary damage to the trailer’s structure and lead to slippery floors, which can result in injuries. 

Having the benefit of a modern roof system has plenty of advantages. Take the SafeBump roof system by Double D Trailers, for example. This composite solution eliminates many potential issues in advance:

  • No more leaks: the molding process used for manufacturing SafeBump results in a one-piece section that guarantees watertight integrity.
  • No head injuries: In case a horse happens to bump his head against the roof, SafeBump will absorb the energy from such an impact and prevent a serious injury while remaining intact as well.
  • No heat conduction: SafeBump not only shields effectively the outside heat, but it doesn’t conduct it, either, meaning that the horse area will be cooler and more comfortable. 
  • No excess weight: SafeBump is extremely lightweight, which lowers the trailer’s overall weight and its center of gravity as well, creating an easier and more balanced towing experience.

>> WATCH this video of the SafeBump Roof Production! 

 8. Enhanced Insulation

Proper insulation of any 2H bumper pull trailer is often the difference between possible health problems and a smooth, comfortable ride for horses. Cold winter evenings and hot summer days take their toll on horses riding inside the trailer, so adequate protection should be present. This is where interior insulation comes into play.

Enhanced insulation plays a key role in horse welfare during transportation. It allows for an adequate horse area temperature throughout the year and often insulates against extreme temperatures, but it has other key functionalities as well. Quality horse trailer insulation reduces noise significantly and eliminates some outside noises and resonances that horses might find disturbing. 

9. Superior Ventilation System

Poor ventilation is a common problem for 2-horse bumper pull models. Proper air circulation is crucial for horses’ health and comfort during transport, and it can be effectively achieved in two ways, which are often combined for maximum effect:

  • Roof vents: When placed above each individual stall, these vents allow for hot air to escape from the inside. Pop-up vents are a common solution that makes sure air circulates efficiently.
  • Drop-down windows: This is the option that maintains comfortable airflow while the trailer is in motion. Screens are added to protect the horses from debris and contaminants. 

ventilation on a Double D Trailer

10. Smooth Hitching and Towing

The connection between your 2H bumper pull trailer and tow vehicle is obviously a pivotal aspect of trailering safety. All related components matter: the trailer coupler, tow hitch, ball mount, trailer ball, and additional equipment, such as a wiring harness. Ensuring seamless connectivity is the first step toward a smooth journey. All components should be quality-made and compatible with each other. This is the only scenario that offers hassle-free hitching and delivers a stable towing experience under any circumstances. When you select a 2H bumper pull model with an adequately sized coupler and attach it to a suitably rated hitch with a ball of the appropriate size, you’ll have a hitching system that provides steady and effortless towing. In case something fails, you can always count on the safety chains or the breakaway system to help you control the trailer and keep it attached to the tow vehicle.

The best 2H bumper pull models are equipped with electric braking systems, safety chains or cables, and electric breakaway systems. The latter can be the difference between immediate reaction and disaster in case you lose control of the trailer or part of the hitching system fails.

Must-Have Interior Safety Features in 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailers

2-horse bumper pull trailers offer somewhat limited interior space when compared to 4-horse models or goosenecks. This poses several challenges, including the need for optimal safety. This is where padding and internal dividers come in handy.

Thick Padding

Padding is sometimes neglected as an essential safety feature. Padded dividers and interior walls can easily prevent injuries when horses lose their balance and slam into either of these sections. Thick padding also increases overall comfort by further dampening outside noise and vibrations. Such features can make a great difference, which is why Double D Trailers’ bumper pull model range comes with 2” padding on interior walls and dividers.

Internal Dividers

Stall dividers are not just essential for creating the best bumper pull trailer layout and keeping horses separated – they also act as a safety feature. Their role is to allow horses just enough freedom of movement but also to not block their view. The perfect internal dividers should be strong enough to endure frequent horse kicks and bumps and designed with another primary function in mind: to prevent injuries by not allowing horses’ legs to get stuck, for instance. 

Horse area interior of a Double D Trailer.

Price and Cost-Effectiveness of 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailers

2-horse bumper pull trailer prices may vary quite a lot, which is always confusing for a first-time buyer: offers for brand new 2-horse bumper pull models range from under $13,000 to well over $40,000. But it all starts to make sense once you dwell on the matter. This guide has already presented you with most of the reasons why the prices of 2H bumper pulls vary a lot. You can find dozens of offers based on size, custom options, additional equipment, structural design, materials, and safety options. They outline a wide price range.

What matters the most is setting a precise budget. As long as it’s realistic, you will find what you’re looking for. To enjoy the highest value for money, you should set your priorities straight and assess every offer based on your personal set of criteria. Horse safety and comfort should be on top of that list, which is how Double D Trailers’ team designs all products. Here’s an example: The SafeTack 2 Horse Bumper Pull Slant Load Trailer comes with plenty of unique features as standard, including the SafeTack swing-out compartment in the back, the SafeBump roof system, and the SafeKick wall system. This model boasts plenty of other advantages, including the patented Z-Frame Technology, and despite all the innovations it comprises, the base price is just $33,090. 

Top Models: Discovering the Best 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailers

2-horse bumper pull trailers are widely popular because of their practicality and maneuverability but it’s never easy to find the perfect one for you. To land the best deal, you should match the list of requirements and preferences you have with the must-have features and factors shared in this guide. Again, horses’ safety, health, and well-being should be the main priority for every buyer. If you agree, then Double D Trailers’ lineup is likely where you’ll find the perfect 2-horse bumper pull model. You can opt for a custom-built unit that offers exactly what you need. By going that route, you’ll allow zero compromises and avoid overspending for options you didn’t want in the first place, which happens when you purchase a brand-new rig off the lot.

Most Popular: SafeTack 2-Horse Slant Bumper Pull Model

The SafeTack 2-Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull Trailer is a bestseller thanks to its versatility and practicality, not to mention the reasonable maintenance costs and ease of towing. It’s ideal for shorter or longer trips and can be towed by many different vehicles, meaning that you don’t necessarily need a heavy-duty pickup truck to pull one. The following winning combination of factors helps a lot, too:

  • It’s lightweight, yet durable thanks to the patented Z-Frame technology
  • It comes in a slant load style with forward or reverse configuration
  • It allows for safe and easy loading/unloading thanks to the patented swing-out SafeTack compartment in the back
  • Its standard list of features includes unique perks such as hand-made stall padding, SafeKick interior walls, SafeBump roof system, and plenty more
  • Its slant load style allows for compact overall box dimensions while leaving enough space for a dressing room and ample storage amenities 

The variety of customizable options and additions, the clever swing-out tack compartment that eases loading/unloading, and the slant load style seem to be the main selling points of this model, based on the 2-horse bumper pull trailer reviews and insights our clients have shared so far. 

The model comes well equipped for its base price of $33,090, but you can add so much more to it and end up owning a personalized trailer that boasts everything you ever wanted. Learn more about this model: SafeTack 2-Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull Trailer

Double D Trailers SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

2024 Townsmand Model

The 2024 Townsmand 2 horse bumper pull trailer is the most compact model in Double D Trailers’ lineup. With a curb weight of just 2,500 pounds and an overall box length of under 11’, the Townsmand is extremely easy to maneuver. You can tow it behind almost any vehicle, as long as it’s properly rated.

The Townsmand might be the smallest of the lot, but it still comes with advantages such as Z-Frame Technology, SafeKick Wall System, and SafeBump Roof System as standard. Starting at just $27,009, the 2024 Townsmand model is among the most affordable 2-horse trailers for sale today, especially considering the technology and materials it comprises.

Townsmand 2 Horse Trailer by Double D Trailers


Bumper Sport Model

The Double D Trailers Bumper Sport 2-horse bumper pull straight load model is designed with safety and comfort in mind. It’s suitable for many equestrians with different needs and preferences. The Bumper Sport model ticks all the important boxes: fully insulated walls, easy towing, spacious dressing room, and many more advantages. 

This model is fully customizable, but even the base price of $29,649 includes a plethora of perks, including Z-Frame Technology, see-through head dividers, SafeKick walls, and SafeBump one-piece composite roof. 

2 Horse Straight Load Bumper Pull Trailer

V-Sport Model

The timeless design of the V-Sport 2-horse straight load bumper pull trailer comes alongside the benefits of newest technology in horse trailer manufacturing. It boasts one of the best safety features possible: a specific fabrication process that allows for a rivet-free design, which eliminates a common weak point and provides better and even quieter performance. Additionally, the aerodynamic V-shaped front combines good looks with practicality by providing storage space.

The basic V-Sport Model package is offered at $28,523, and the good news is that you get Double D Trailers’ patented technology as standard: Z-Frame, SafeKick, and SafeBump, alongside fully insulated walls.

One look at the Double D Trailers bumper pull lineup reveals a variety of sizes, layouts, designs, and styles, all of which come with excellent standard equipment and can be heavily customized for a one-off result that responds to the client’s needs to the fullest. 

Double D Trailers V-Sport Bumper Pull Model

Expert Advice: Ensuring You Choose the Best 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

Horse trailers should always be designed with safety and comfort in mind. This is what Brad Heath, owner and head designer of Double D Trailers, believes in. The two factors have been a top priority for him, which has resulted in a plethora of innovations and patents over the years.

When it comes to 2 horse bumper pull models and their versatility, the challenge to create the ultimate trailer grows exponentially because this category is preferred by many equestrians for different purposes. The important aspects of choosing the best 2-horse bumper pull model always come down to build quality, efficient design, plentiful interior features, and a combination of the right materials. The combination of these aspects results in a long-lasting final product that’s safe, comfortable, dependable, reliable, easy and cheap to maintain, and also one that has a high resale value. This is where brand reputation plays a key role. Client reviews always reveal the truth about every manufacturer’s ability to provide uncompromised quality. 

The sales process matters equally as much: being able to specify and buy a 2-horse bumper pull trailer online, for instance, is an enormous advantage. Custom-ordering your new 2-horse bumper pull rig should be a simple, straightforward, and stress-free journey. 

Make the Right Buying Choice: Why Your Decision Matters

Making a final decision based on objective factors and key aspects always leads to the right decision. This guide shares the knowledge you need to find your perfect 2-horse bumper pull trailer. Understanding the significance of horse size and trailer dimensions, weight capacity, construction materials, ease of access, safe loading/unloading, welcoming interior, and proper ventilation will give you the strong foundation you need to easily distinguish the best 2-horse models on the market today and assess them until you’re able to choose the perfect one eventually.

Taking advantage of the innovations, patented technology, and decades of experience Double D Trailers puts in all trailers is a proven way to solve the 2-horse bumper pull dilemma. Share your vision of the ultimate 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer. we’d be honored to build it for you!

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