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Double D Trailer Review posted on 31 Aug 2016


Christy I.

City and State

Atlanta, GA

Approximate Date of Delivery of your trailer

Jul 27, 2016

Did you purchase a new or used trailer?


Which Model Trailer did you purchase?

SafeTack 2 Horse Bumper Pull with Dressing Room
(this was a trailer built for a show in inventory)

Ratings and Reviews 

How do you feel about the process of ordering your trailer online?

Over the Moon Happy

How do you feel concerning the time it took to complete your trailer?

Over the Moon Happy

Did your delivery process go smoothly.

Over the Moon Happy

How do you feel about the quality and construction of your trailer?

Over the Moon Happy

Please describe how and why you came to Double D Trailers?
Safety was my main priority in ordering this trailer. I LOVED all of the safety features and options that DoubleD has included. I wanted to know that my horse was as safe as possible on the road and I feel that DoubleD Trailers has created a very safe product that provides as much protection as I can get in a Bumper Pull.

What were your specific trailer needs and search criteria?
I needed a two horse bumper pull that also had a side ramp. While I would have preferred to see a lower side ramp like the one on the back of the trailer, I was still pleased to have one included as I wanted another exit option in the event of a rear-end collision that left the rear entry damaged.

Why do you feel Double D Trailers was the best deal on the market for you?
There are other trailers on the market that are less expensive but they do not offer any of the added safety features that DoubleD offers and I was lucky enough to purchase a trailer with all of the options available at a very reasonable price!

What other trailers did you evaluate during your shopping process prior to purchasing from Double D Trailers?
I had previously owned a Sundowner and while I had been pleased with their product at that time, I was unaware of all of the safety features that were now available for trailers. After deciding to purchase another trailer after many years of not having one, I was so excited to discover the advancements that DoubleD seems to be leading in the market right now in regards to safety and other options.

Why did purchase from Double D Trailers versus the other companies or brands you researched?
Double D was the only trailer company that seemed to market toward safety conscious horse owners when it comes to choosing a trailer. Their marketing strategy kept their trailers popping up in my searches and after taking the time to view their website and show around against some of the other well known labels, I was persuaded by the vast array of safety options to give them a try.

Would you recommend Double D Trailers to others?

I recommend Double D Trailers to anyone that wants to protect their animals while on the road.

Feel free to describe any recommendations, feedback for improvement you desire for Double D Trailers.
The only feedback I have on my particular trailer is that I would like to see the side ramp attached lower down the same way is it on the rear of the trailer. The steeper narrow incline can be a bit intimidating but since I'm using it as a secondary exit option in the event of a rear-end accident, it wasn't as crucial to have the sizing just right. I'm hoping in the near future to discuss maybe having the ramp door resized or adjusted to make it lower.

I would also like to see the windows in the nose of the dressing room and have the grid storage system either lowered to accommodate or removed altogether.

I would also like to see the mechanical fan in the dressing room added to the trailer area to allow for a temperature controlled fan blowing cooler air into the trailer area as well. While the trailer has lots of vents and insulation, it is still a bit hot for when I am in there cleaning it out after travel.

Posted: August 31, 2016

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