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Trailer Talk: Kim Purchased a Safetack 4 Horse Gooseneck and Created Her ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Trailer

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Kim from Oklahoma was on the market for a roomier, safer trailer option for both her and her horses. Read on to find out how her experience was customizing her trailer, affectionately known as the “Green Monster!”

  1. What model trailer did you purchase?

safetack 4 horse gooseneckI ordered the 4 Horse Gooseneck Safetack Reverse Trailer. It has the taller ceiling with 2 Warmblood size stalls and 2 regular size stalls.

  1. What size/breed are your horses?

I have one 17.0h Thoroughbred, three Quarter Horses from 16.1h to 15.1h, and two Paints at 15.3h and 15.0h.

  1. How/why did you choose Double D Trailers? Were there any specific needs or criteria that you were looking for in a trailer?

I needed a 4-horse trailer, upgrading from my steel 3 horse CM Dakota bumper pull. I researched the options available in my area but didn't really like the small rear loading door shared with a rear tack that needs to be completely unloaded before it would collapse down. I was first drawn to the swing out rear tack. Then as I read more about Double D Trailers, I saw the availability of rear facing hauling, which I assumed would be cost prohibitive (but it wasn't!), and the material Double D Trailers are made of is far safer compared to the standard aluminum.

  1. Many people are hesitant about ordering a horse trailer completely online. How did the process of communicating and ordering online go for you?

I was definitely in the hesitant group about ordering online! After I "built" the trailer on the estimate page and submitted my info, I checked out the Facebook page and discovered post after post of trailers ordered by others, showing over 100 pictures per post of all the details of each trailer. Brad emailed me by the next day and I could tell he was very knowledgeable, not just a salesman. He won't sell you on something that you don't need/want, and he'll also be honest if what you want isn't feasible for you (such as a trailer being more than your vehicle can haul). There is so much checking and double checking chosen options before you ever send a dime, and they make sure your trailer is built 100% to your specs before they ship it out. 

  1. How do your horses load/travel in your Double D Trailer? Are they panicky loading, sweaty/ stressed after arrival?

horses in gooseneck trailerMy horses seem happy after riding in my new trailer and don't shuffle or paw while waiting to unload. I have one horse that used to shiver loading and hauling, but he hasn't done that since his first ride in the Double D Trailer.

  1. You purchased a camera for your trailer. One question that we often receive is how noisy our trailers are. Can you share any feedback on noise in your trailer after being able to hear your camera audio during travel?

Unfortunately I haven't set up my camera yet (my laziness, not because it's difficult!). However after hauling my steel bumper pull for years, I can guarantee the trailer is MUCH quieter. I feel how solid it hauls and doesn't bounce hardly at all. I say it's solid, but it's not because the trailer is significantly heavier. I get almost the same gas mileage in my truck even hauling more horses and tack. It's just much better constructed with higher quality materials.

  1. How do you feel about the construction and the quality of your horse trailer?

I have less concern for my horses' safety. Between the materials used inside and out and all the extra thick padding, I almost feel like I'm buckling my horses into a car seat rather than loading them in a trailer.

  1. Feel free to share any other feedback, comments, or recommendations here.

safetack 4 horse gooseneck trailerMy favorite part of building my trailer was getting to customize the decal and colors. There is no doubt it's a one-of-a-kind and displays my personality. I was able to think into the future and plan for the trailer I'll appreciate having 20 years from now as well as today. Thanks for such a wonderful trailer and checking back with me to ensure my happiness.

Thanks so much to Kim for sharing her story with us. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Brad

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