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Trailer Talk: Laurie Knew All Too Well the Dangers of All-Aluminum Trailers

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Laurie and her husband Steve from CA knew all too well what can happen when you travel in the heat of summer in an all-aluminum horse trailer. When they began their online search for a new horse trailer, one of the most important features was the ability for their new trailer to remain cool while traveling to keep their horses safe. At Double D Trailers, we recognize the dangers of all-aluminum trailers which is why we utilize Z-Frame Technologyrumber flooring, as well as our SafeBump Roof System in the construction of our trailers. Laurie and Steve were kind enough to share some of their trailer journey in our latest edition of Trailer Talk. Read on to hear about their story!

1. How did you find out about Double D Trailers?

 horse trailer with living quarters

On the Internet - I was searching for a 2-horse reverse load trailer.

2. Why did you choose Double D Trailers over another trailer brand?


Because of the features: Reverse load, SafeTack design (I never liked the rear tack room design on live-in trailers and have always felt it was an unsafe feature.) I was really impressed with the integrity and safety of the construction and materials used for the trailer. Something that was really important to me was the ability for the trailer to stay cooler with the materials used in the construction as opposed to an aluminum trailer. We knew all too well what can happen as a result of traveling in the heat with an all-aluminum trailer.


3. What size are your horses?


We have a quarter horse and a Friesian that are 1100 and 1200 pounds.


4. What model did you purchase from Double D Trailers? Were there any particular customization's you added?

 horse trailer with living quarters

We decided on the 2-horse reverse load Trail Blazer model. We did add extra width and an additional foot in length. We went with the 2-step awning, the pocket door to the bathroom, a screen door and a flip up counter. We preferred the dinette style seating that converts to a bed. We selected the hydraulic jack and so glad we did! Also went with the rumber flooring in the horse area and a water spigot. We added the 12v fan in the bathroom and the vent with the thermostat and rain sensor over the bed area. 

There is not one addition that we wished we hadn't got. All the additions have been well worth the cost.


5. Is your Double D Trailer your first trailer purchase? If not, how does your new trailer compare to any other trailers you have owned or used previously?


We have owned 2 horse slant loads and straight loads in the past. This is the first live-in trailer we have owned.


6. How do your horses respond to your Double D Trailer?


Great! Because of the winter months we have mostly used it on a couple of camping adventures with kayaks. They fit very nicely in the back too! We also used it to move our daughter to another state for school. That was ideal! 


7. A majority of our communications with our customers is via text or email. However, people are often hesitant about this process of online communicating and ordering a horse trailer online. How was your experience with our customer service throughout your ordering and delivery process? Is there anything we could do to improve?


I was one of those people that was very hesitant of a process that was entirely online! The one thing that changed my mind was my communication with Brad, the owner of Double D Trailers. He answered every question I had with amazing patience and provided what I needed to make informed decisions during the process. He truly invites you to ask questions and reads every word written in the emails, paying close attention to each detail being asked about! Because he is such a good communicator this was an efficient process. We were able to have a face to face meeting on the computer as well.

Brad was always gracious, timely and kind. I never received a response that made me feel like he was inconvenienced or too busy to take the time to communicate with me. We are extremely happy with our trailer and all the selections that we made. The customer service was extraordinary! I wish more people cared as much about customer satisfaction as Brad and his company does!

If I could suggest anything in the way of improvement I would recommend if others communicate with the buyer in this process, they would be clear and certain about the options and any changes in the inventory that exists, particularly for the interior portion of the trailer. The customer is making their selections and decisions based on this information and it should always be current and up to date in terms of all the selections that are available. 

 horse trailer with living quarters


8. Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience or your trailer?


We are extremely happy with our trailer! The quality and the service exceed any other trailer company out there. I know we will be enjoying our trailer for many years to come. Thank you so much for having a quality product and really caring about your customers!

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If you'd like to learn more about any of our trailer models, contact Brad with questions. 

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