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Trailer Talk: Tom Says Double D Trailers Is So Far Ahead of Other Companies

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

safetack 3 horse bumper pull trailerTrailer talk is a series on our website where we chat with our customers about their experience with our company, customer service, and products. Here is our conversation with Double D Trailer owner, Tom from Florida. Tom and his wife purchased a SafeTack 3 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

What started your search for a horse trailer? What made you choose Double D Trailers?

We retired from the Fishing/Cruise boat business and bought a Ranch in Crestview FL. Every time we went on vacations, we would always ride horses and decided when we did retire, we wanted to have our own horses and ride all over the country. Knowing nothing about the horse business, we learned everything as we went along. Our first trailer was a Calico three slant load, bumper pull. We loved it and we finally wore it out in 2019. That is when we started our search for a new trailer.

What size and breed are the horses that you trailer?

We have a his, hers, ours and a pony.

Lady is a registered Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse. She is a Palomino measuring 15.2 hands

Dixie is a registered Spotted Saddle Horse measuring 14.5 hands.

Charlie is a Tennessee Walker gelding measuring 15.2 hands.

Tinker Bell is a pony measuring 10.5 hands.

How do your horses respond to your Double D trailer? 

horses safetack 3 horse My horses love the features Double “D” Trailers has to offer that are not available on other trailers that I looked at. The big advantage is the swing out tack room on the back. When swung out, my horses see their stall area as inviting and not scary, so they are ready to jump on. I have not talked with my horses about it, but I am sure they like the padded stall sides and spring-loaded stall dividers that stay out of their way when they get on and off. They also like the big windows that gives them a cool breeze when open. The people like it when I fold down the windows so they can pet them. The rumber flooring is a special option that my horses love, and it is easy to keep clean. I don’t think any other company offers that.

How is hauling with a Double D Trailer for you as a driver, in comparison to any previous trailering experience that you have?

The Double “D” trailers very well behind my Toyota Sequoia and thirty-five-foot Motor Home. I had the option of adding to my tongue length which well worth the expense. It gives me as a driver more wiggle room when maneuvering. On the Double “D” Trailer I have brakes on both axles which I really like for safety and stopping with three horses on board, where my old trailer only had one axel with breaks which didn’t slow me down very fast when I needed to hit the brakes quickly. When trailering at night with the option of extra running lights, my trailer is lit you well. I like that for safety, so I can be easily seen.horses on trailer

What are your thoughts on the online design process, and communicating online with Brad? Could we do anything differently to make this process better or easier?

Working with Brad was the big reason I bought the Double “D” Trailer. You can have a good product, but if no one will respond to your questions in a timely manner your business is in big trouble. I was looking at a trailer that was nice, but I never could get an answer from the company agent, or the answer was not the question I asked. Your company has done a great job with your video presentations. They generated questions to ask which Brad answered usually the same day I contacted him. From the other companies I looked at, you are so far ahead of them they can’t catch up. I had no problem working with Brad by e-mail and video from the first day we talked until the trailer showed up at my ranch.



Thanks so much to Tom for chatting with us and sharing his story. If you have any questions about our company or trailers, contact Brad here

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