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Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories: The Essential List

Last updated October 23, 2023 by Brad Heath

Double D Trailer owners posing outside of an older model trailer.In this post, we've prepared a list of must-have horse trailer accessories that equestrians everywhere must consider when buying a new or second-hand unit or modifying one they already have.

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Horse trailers come in various styles and sizes, with some featuring built-in storage and other add-ons. But it’s important to remember that a horse trailer is mainly a tool for horse owners to transport their equine companions safely and efficiently. Therefore, the right horse trailer accessories should facilitate a more enjoyable trip for both you and your horse (or horses), whether you're spending weeks on the rodeo circuit or just taking a weekend trail ride with the family.

Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories for First-Time Owners and the Budget-Conscious

Here’s a shortlist of accessories that should tick every must-have checkbox:

Water Tank: This should be one of the first add-ons to opt for. A water tank allows you to carry fresh, clean water for your horses wherever you go. This helps keep your horses hydrated and can also be used to clean them and the trailer. Consider the tank size and whether to add a water pump when choosing one.

Trailer Fans: We recommend adding one fan per horse trailer stall. They would push air over the horses and out the windows, creating constant airflow and helping to prevent overheating on hot summer days.

Hydraulic Jack or Electric Jack: Hydraulic jacks are much more durable than electric. We’ve had issues with long term durability of electric only. Electric-only functions with a small single speed electric motor attached to a gear box. The problem is it’s very slow, pulls more power, and issues with the gear box. Hydraulic jacks are a more simple design and long term tend to provide the best service.

Trailer Organizers: Keep all your equipment organized during transport with a trailer door organizer for smaller items, and use any built-in storage space for tack.

Trailer Tie: If you enjoy camping trips with your horses, an elevated trailer tie is a must-have accessory. These ties attach to the top of the trailer and provide a safe and effective way for your horse to move around, graze, and lie down while securely attached to the trailer.

Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories: The Extended List

Part of the entries on this list are already obvious to you by now, but most of the nifty additions we’ll mention can make all the difference you’re either hoping for or didn’t realize was possible in the first place. Let's delve into these must-have horse trailer accessories, focusing on safety, comfort, and convenience.

Horse trailer safety is a central feature of any Double D Trailers model and should be paramount when transporting horses. This should always be the top priority when custom-ordering a new horse trailer or modifying an existing one. A few simple but key features in a horse trailer design can be significant. Here are important safety accessories to consider:

1. Trailer ties

Adjustable trailer ties keep your horse securely tethered in the trailer.

A horse tied to a Double D Trailers bumper pull model with a trailer tie.

2. Floor mats

What seems like a negligible addition to your trailer is an important accessory that brings more comfort and provides better safety than you can imagine. Floor mats that fit perfectly can also improve the looks of your horse trailer interior.

Decorative mats inside of a Double D Trailers living quarters model

3. Auxiliary battery

This is not an accessory but a necessity, even if you don’t realize it at first. An auxiliary battery would be the solution to avoid unpleasant situations like running out of energy to supply your horse trailer’s appliances or heating system. It will also guarantee you will have a power supply for hours in case of accidents or emergency situations.

A battery covered with a battery box on the front of a horse trailer

4. Trailer cameras

Modern vehicles now offer multiple camera options and video feeds to improve safety while driving. With a horse trailer camera, you can monitor your horses during the ride from inside your vehicle. This is particularly helpful when you’re driving longer distances: instead of parking at a roadside stop to ensure that your horse is safe, just glance down at your feed. Moreover, when you can see what happens inside the horse area of your trailer while driving, you will be more prepared and able to prevent any potential issues.

Horses being monitored inside of a horse trailer with a camera.

Check out our top 5 recommendations of the best horse trailer cameras.

5. Hydraulic or electric jack

In case of a roadside flat tire, having a jack is essential.

Horse trailer jack

6. Wheel chocks and trailer jacks

These accessories help stabilize your trailer when parked, preventing it from rolling away accidentally.

Wheel chock

7. Reflective safety tape, decals, and lights

Enhance visibility on the road during nighttime or poor weather conditions with reflective tape and supplementary lighting.

Reflective decals on a horse trailer

8. Breakaway systems

In case of a hitch failure, breakaway systems apply the trailer's brakes to avoid potential accidents.

BUNKER horse trailer breakaway system

Horse Trailer Accessories for Comfort

Visiting equestrian events frequently means that you’ll be on the road for weeks or even months every year. Since you will spend much time traveling in your horse trailer, providing additional comfort for yourself and your horse during transportation is essential. Here are some comfort features that should be standard for a pleasant travel with horse trailers of any type:

9. Trailer fans

We already mentioned that trailer fans significantly enhance airflow inside the trailer, thus eliminating the possibility your horses get too hot during long trips. With additional ventilation and cooling, you are rest assured that your pride and joy will be comfortable. Front-mounted fans facing the rear of the trailer are likely to do the best job.

Horse trailer fans

10. Soft walls

Horse areas can benefit from having padded walls for horse safety, such as the SafeKick®️ Wall System; but the living quarters of a horse trailer should have that feature as well. There are a few advantages to soft walls in place of a hardwall. During the installation of softwalls a hard back wall is installed first.  The material used to cover the hard wall backing looks similar to leather or synthetic leather with a thin foam backing.  It’s available in a variety of colors and looks very rich inside the trailer.  It’s easy to clean and maintain and reduces echo and noise in such a small space.

Soft touch walls inside of a Double D Trailers living quarters horse trailer.

11. Flush-mounted lighting

This is the kind of horse trailer accessory that goes beyond design. Sure enough, modern LED lighting is a great way to transform the interior of your horse trailer and make it look lavish. What’s more important is that when all lighting fixtures are built-in, they automatically contribute to having more spacious living quarters for horse owners.

Flush mounted lighting inside of a living quarters horse trailer from Double D Trailers.

12. Hay bags and water containers

Providing your horse with access to food and water during transport keeps them nourished and hydrated. Hay bags and water containers are perfect for this purpose.

Feed bags inside of a horse trailer stall

13. Horse stall mats and padding

A comfortable surface helps your horse relax during transit. Invest in quality stall mats and padding to achieve this.

Rumber flooring on a horse trailer

Opting for a horse trailer with Rumber flooring is a great option if you don't want to deal with constantly having to take floor mats in and out of the trailer.

Horse Trailer Accessories for Convenience

The trailer accessories we’ll suggest here serve different purposes: utilities, space-saving hacks, and features that will make your horse trailer experience more practical.


When you’re on a road trip, you’ll need solutions to substitute the utilities and supplies you take for granted at home: running water, electricity, and so forth. There are affordable and smart solutions for all such needs, and you should incorporate them when you custom-order a new trailer or overhaul your old one.

14. Water tank

Our Trail Blazer Living Quarters Horse Trailer is the perfect example of what you should opt for. Its 30-gallon freshwater supply tank comes alongside a 6-gallon gas water heater. This is the ultimate combination to have water tanks if you want to enjoy a hot shower after a long and busy day with your horses.

Water tank underneath of a cabinet inside of a horse trailer

15. Solar panels

To power some of the equipment inside your living quarters, you could opt for solar panels. With a roof-mounted system, you’ll be able to heat water or cook a meal without relying on an auxiliary battery.

GoPower Solar Panels for horse trailers and RVs

16. Cowboy/cowgirl shower

A portable horse trailer shower, also known as a cowboy/cowgirl shower is one of the simplest additions to a living quarters horse trailer, and one of the most affordable ones, too. Nothing feels like a nice bath after a day in the mud or dust.

Cowboy/cowgirl shower

Space-saving Accessories

Even the biggest horse trailers on the road could use all the design tweaks that allow for additional interior space. Therefore, you should consider these simple and clever suggestions to keep things well-organized and not waste any interior space.

17. Slim cabinets

Organizing the storage space inside your living quarters horse trailer is crucial. You could fit all the gear and belongings you need and still enjoy enough free space inside the horse trailer. To do this, you need slim cabinets. They take up less room and could still hold all your stuff when placed strategically.

Storage cabinets inside of a horse trailer

18. Wall grid organizers

The designated storage space inside your trailer might seem enough at first glance, but you could soon end up stuck trying to figure out how to fit all your gear inside. There’s a way to avoid such a predicament: wall grid organizers. They serve as an efficient and convenient method to fit every piece of equipment and horse tack you would need during your travels.

Wall grid organizer in a horse trailer

19. Horse area storage caddies

If you don’t have a tack room or a separate storage space, or you want to add to either of these features, then storage caddies are a logical choice. They’re not accessories in the true meaning of the word, but they’re the kind of additional and cheap option you’d want to incorporate in your trailer’s design. When mounted the right way, storage caddies in the horse area can be functional without limiting the useful space for horse movement, as long the space is big enough.

Horse trailer organizer caddy

20. Portable steps and ramps

If you have a horse trailer with no ramps or steps, these accessories make it easier for you to enter and exit the trailer.

Portable step for horse trailer

21. Awning and shade systems

Awnings and shade systems offer protection from the elements during events or breaks in your journey.

Gooseneck horse trailer with awning

Additional helpful accessories include boot boxes for tack room storage, mesh window guards for drop-down windows, and a simple toolbox with essentials such as a hammer, screwdriver, utility knife, and duct tape. Being prepared with these accessories can help make your horse-hauling experience safer and more enjoyable.

Choosing the Right Horse Trailer Accessories

Investing in horse trailer accessories significantly improves the safety, comfort, and convenience of transporting your equine friends. As a responsible horse owner, take the time to carefully consider your specific needs when selecting add-ons for your horse trailer.

The following tips should help you make wise decisions:

Prioritize Safety and Comfort:

We cannot emphasize this enough but the safety and comfort of both humans and horses during transport should be at the heart of whatever choices you make for your trailer.

Assess Your Travel Requirements:

Consider how often you plan on traveling, the distances you'll be covering, and the specific needs of your horses.

Choose the Right Storage Solutions:

With various tack and equipment to carry, having the right storage solutions is crucial. Look for trailer organizers and built-in storage compartments that will help keep your trailer organized and clutter-free.

Plan for Emergency Situations:

Be prepared for unexpected issues like flat tires or minor accidents. Make sure to have a trailer-specific lug wrench, trailer jack, auxiliary battery and a first-aid kit on hand.

Consider Your Camping Needs:

If you plan on taking your horses on camping trips, consider accessories such as elevated trailer ties, which allow your horses to move around and graze while safely attached to the trailer.

Invest in Quality Products:

When selecting horse trailer accessories, it's essential to invest in high-quality products that will last. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper options, they can often end up costing more in the long run due to frequent replacements or repairs. A great option to consider is Horse Trailer Accessory Store.

Consult with Experts:

If you're unsure about which accessories are best suited for your needs, consult with professionals or experienced horse trailer owners for recommendations. Brad Heath, our in-house expert, has over 25 years of designing and manufacturing experience so he can provide valuable insights into the most useful and practical accessories.

Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a cowboy/cowgirl shower?

Cowboy/cowgirl showers are the easiest solution to your shower and hygiene needs while on the go. They’re simple and affordable devices that are typically installed in the front stall of a trailer’s horse area.

Is having a 30-gallon fresh water tank enough?

This entirely depends on the length of the journey ahead of you, as well as on the horse and human count. It can always be refilled during a routine stop where appropriate, though.

Is there a need for a water pump for the horse trailer fresh water tank?

A water tank/pressure pump provides water circulation inside the living quarters of your horse trailer and maintains the water pressure needed.

Can you leave the trailer fans on when the engine of the tow vehicle is not running?

Yes, you can, but only when you have a charged auxiliary battery to power them. The latter accessory provides energy for hours, even over long distances when the tow vehicle is not running.

What should I carry in my horse trailer?

In your horse trailer, you should carry essential items such as:

• Fresh water and a water tank for your horses

• Hay or feed for your horses

• Basic tools like a hammer, screwdriver, and utility knife

• Duct tape for temporary repairs

• A first-aid kit for both humans and horses

• Shavings or bedding for your horse's comfort

• A trailer-specific lug wrench and a hydraulic jack or Jiffy Jack for changing tires

• Trailer organizers to keep your tack and equipment organized

• A spare tire for your trailer

• A trailer camera system for monitoring your horses during transport

• Trailer fans for proper ventilation and temperature control

How many hours a day can you trailer a horse?

The ideal time to trailer a horse per day would be between 8-10 hours. However, it's important to take 15 to 20-minute breaks every 6 hours to allow your horse to rest, stretch, and drink water. During longer trips, consider stopping overnight to give your horse an opportunity to recover from the stress of traveling.

Should I put bedding in the horse trailer?

Yes, adding bedding to your horse trailer is recommended for a few reasons:

• Bedding, such as shavings or straw, helps to absorb urine and moisture, keeping the trailer floor cleaner and drier.

• It provides cushioning for your horse's hooves, making the ride more comfortable and reducing the risk of slipping.

• Bedding can help reduce the noise and vibration inside the trailer, which can make the journey less stressful for your horse.

• Make sure to choose appropriate bedding materials that are non-toxic and dust-free to ensure your horse's comfort and health during transportation.

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