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What are the Advantages to Custom Built Trailers?

There are a million ways to be a good steward of your horses, but if you travel with them beyond trips to the vet, a custom built trailer is an amazing way to tend to each horse’s specific needs.  Of course, you can also add some comfort features for yourself -- when you’re building custom, the sky’s the limit.  Unlike other trailer manufacturers, Double D designs custom horse trailers from the ground up, so you can have the trailer of your dreams with absolutely no limitations.  Let us show you the many advantages of custom horse trailers.


A La Carte Living Quarters

Camping with your horse can be fun on a beautiful night, but when it’s rainy, hot or snowing, having an indoor sleeping area is more than just a convenience.  Unlike with pre-built horse trailers or used trailers designed for somebody else, you can add living quarters to any size trailer when they’re made from the ground up.  Custom horse trailers allow you to incorporate the features you need in living quarters horse trailers without spending an arm and a leg for a shower and a bunk.

Loading Positions 

You know how your horse travels best and with a custom designed horse area in your trailer, you can be confident that he’ll be as happy as you are with the decisions you’ve made.  Whether he’s better in a straight load or slant load, facing forward or reverse, you get to make that call for your new trailer.  You can even choose slant loads with gates that can swing from both direction, allowing you to convert from reverse loading to forward loading in no time flat.


Escape Doors

A lot of off the rack trailers have a fatal safety flaw -- they lack a front escape door.  It could have been a cost-cutting measure or simply a lack of understanding of how many things can go wrong while loading a horse, but regardless, these trailers are accidents waiting to happen.  With a custom model, you choose where to put your escape doors, how large to make them and how many you want.  Some horse owners swap the simple escape door for a side loading door, allowing both people and horses to make a quick departure when necessary.


Full Width Loading Doors

Even a two horse trailer should have plenty of room to maneuver when you’re trying to coax a 1,000 pound animal inside.  You can choose to add full width loading doors by moving your tack around to get it out of the way so that your horse will have all the space he needs to feel comfortable while loading and unloading.  Even with the calmest loader, it’s nice to have some extra room in case he’s having a bad day.


Ramps and Step-Ups

The horse world is hotly divided between ramps and step-ups at loading doors.  No matter what side you’re on in this debate, you don’t have to pass on a trailer that’s almost perfect, except for the ramp or step-up.  Custom horse trailers allow you to add whichever option is best for your horse, or both options if you decide to go with a side load door as well as a rear load door -- use one as a ramp and the other as a step-up to keep all your horses loading calmly.


Safety Features for Spooky Travelers

Hauling calm horses in thin metal boxes at 60 plus miles an hour is nerve-wracking enough for the driver, it gets even worse when there’s a spooky horse inside that trailer.  Luckily, you’re calling all the shots and can add plenty of safety features to ensure that your less than perfect traveler doesn’t hurt himself while on the go.  Features like well insulated roofs that flex on impact, thickly padded walls and stalls and full-length dividers keep your horse in his own stall and prevent injury if he decides to buck or paw during transit.


Height and Width 

Older trailers are notorious for being too short for horse owners and horses to comfortably move around, and are often restrictively narrow.  Although there are limitations on just how wide and how tall your trailer can be, you’d be surprised at how much more height and width you can safely add on a custom model.  These bigger trailers accommodate taller horse owners and taller horses, who are much more prone to hesitating to enter a short trailer than their riders.


Tack Configuration Options

Leaving home without your tack isn’t an option, but sometimes the built-in tack areas are poorly thought out or completely inaccessible when your trailer is loaded with horses.  Custom horse trailers allow you to move the tack to location that best suits you, be it in a tack room, in a fold-out rear tack or under the mangers.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to reach your tack before you unload your horse, especially when you’re choosing where to put it.


Windows and Vents

Ventilation is key to a happy traveling horse.  Without good air flow, your horse may feel overly confined and misbehave in a number of dangerous ways.  When you can pick the locations of windows and vents, as well as their size and ability to open fully, you decide just how much ventilation it takes to make your horse a happy traveler.  For many horses, there’s no such thing as too many windows or too much air, but for others, especially those who spend most of their time in extreme environments, limiting the number of places the outside can come in may be your best bet.

Custom Materials

Custom horse trailers allow you a myriad of construction options, including allowing you to choose many of the materials that make up the structure of your trailer.  Although your trailer manufacturer will suggest materials that they find perform best, they will have alternative materials for you to choose from to help lower costs or increase safety.  A few examples include swapping out a wooden floor for one made of rubber composite or choosing a zinc-coated trailer skin over aluminum.

When you’re ready to build the trailer you’ve always wanted, take a look at our line up of custom horse trailers.  The models on our website are only a guide to get you started -- we’re happy to add or remove whatever you need to ensure your new trailer is absolutely perfect.  Call us today at 1-888-244-2029 to find out just how easy it is to design a custom trailer

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