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Trailer Talk: This Firefighter Took a Large Animal Safety Class, and Ditched His Aluminum Trailer

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Trailer Talk is a series on our website where we chat with our customers about their experience with our company, customer service, and products. Mike, a firefighter from SC, shares his experience as to why he ditched his aluminum trailer, and upgraded to a SafeTack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer from Double D Trailers.

Here is Mike's story... 

safetack living quarters trailer

As a firefighter, I had an opportunity to attend a 3-day large animal rescue class. After seeing what an accident can do to an aluminum trailer, we thought it might be a good time to look at getting rid of the aluminum trailer.  We started an extensive internet search and all paths led us to Double D Trailers, where we proceeded to order a 2 Horse SafeTack Reverse Living Quarters Trailer. We were very impressed with the thought and planning that went into a Double D Trailer, and we were particularly impressed with the Z-Frame®️ and the SafeBump®️ roof system.

We have owned a European trailer in the past, and greatly appreciate the features of a one-piece roof. Even sitting out in the 100-degree Carolina sun, the interior stays much more comfortable compared to our previous metal roofed trailer. What impresses everyone the most? When we open the SafeTack®️ compartment! What a phenomenal feature. Our last trailer had a rear collapsible tack room. I had to build a rack to keep things off the floor and away from the horse urine... Space was cramped and difficult. The SafeTack®️ feature is easy to use, well balanced and has tons of space. The best part is it is metal, so magnets can be used to add hooks and storage features.

horse trailer cameraWe own a Bashkir Curly and a Paso Fino that we use for trail riding. We have had them in a front facing slant load for years. Both horses easily loaded into the rear facing position from both the side ramp and the rear ramp.  Exiting was a breeze. Watching the horses travel on the integrated camera clearly shows they are calm the whole trip. They enjoy the oversized windows and exit without being overheated. Our Curly used to ride with his head down all the time. Now, he keeps his head up and likes to watch the world go by. 

We purchased another trailer sight unseen before, so the fear of ordering something online was not an issue for us. What don’t we buy online these days? Brad and his team take away any trepidation one may have. The ordering process is straightforward and clearly listed on the web site. There were no hidden charges or surprises. We picked out exactly what we wanted, and Brad emailed and texted suggestions and acknowledgments. The best part was being able to ask for EXACTLY what we wanted! An extra 50-gallon water tank underneath? No problem. A fender light to show braking and turn signals are working? No problem. Spring ties mounted with a step and handle where we want them? No problem. We got the feeling Brad enjoyed the process as much as we did. Designing the interior in the colors and features we wanted just added to the enjoyment. Can we put a shelf here? No problem. Can we add a cabinet door here? No problem. Slight problems were addressed immediately, and status updates were frequent and timely. The service and communication were better than what we experienced with a brick and mortar dealership. 

safetack reverse living quarters trailerIt is hard to improve on perfection. The only item that would make this trailer better would be one key to operate all the doors and windows. The trailer tows like a dream and receives nothing but praise and compliments from all who see it.

Mike & Shelley 

Richburg, SC

Thanks so much to Mike and Shelley for sharing their story with us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brad. Happy Trailering, you guys!

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