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Trailer Talk: 'My Big Warmbloods Look Small in the Trailer!'

Trailer talk is a series on our website where we chat with our customers about their experience with our company, customer service, and products. Here is our conversation with Double D Trailer owner, Amanda from San Diego, CA. Amanda purchased a SafeTack Reverse 3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer.

How did you find out about Double D Trailers? 

I was looking at the 2+1 trailer and different manufacturers of horse trailers. I came across the video of why the Safetack Reverse is better than a 2+1 trailer. From there, I watched other videos about trailer construction with Double D Trailers.safetack reverse 3 horse gooseneck

Why did you choose Double D Trailers over another horse trailer brand? 

I liked being able to see how the trailers were built, the materials used and how that affects the horse during the ride. I also got my trailer for a steal compared to other brands and what they could give me. I was looking for my last horse trailer and hopefully, this is it. 

What size are your horses? 

Warmbloods ranging from 16.1 hands to 17 hands.

What model did you purchase from Double D Trailers? Were there any particular customization's you added? 

I purchased the three-horse slant with the Safetack Reverse option. It was the floor model for the expos that never happened thanks to COVID.

Is your Double D Trailer your first trailer purchase? If not, how does your new trailer compare to any other trailers you have owned (or used) previously?

My mom has an old Heacock and before that a Circle J horse trailer. This trailer is above and beyond my expectations. 

How have your horses responded to your Double D Trailer?

horse in trailerSo far, the horses are good with the trailer. One is a nervous Nelly so she’s uncomfortable in an open stock trailer and in this one, but she’s been mostly good about loading. The other horse was fine to walk in it and got excited thinking he was going to go somewhere fun. They both ride pretty quiet. 

A majority of our communication with our customers is via text or e-mail. However, people are often hesitant about this process of online communicating and ordering a horse trailer online. How was your experience with our customer service throughout your ordering and delivery process? Is there anything we could do to improve?

Brad was an absolute joy to deal with. There was no pressure at all, and he took the time to explain everything thoroughly. I asked him many questions and he was extremely responsive. It was a simple and straightforward process, payment, scheduling, and delivery all went really well. 

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience or your trailer? 

The experience was great! I love the trailer. The only thing I wish I had known was that the horses would have almost too much space in the trailer to move around. My big warmbloods look small in the trailer!

Thanks so much to Amanda for chatting with us! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brad here.

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