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10 Reasons to Buy a Custom Horse Trailer from Double D Trailers

Don’t let the word “custom” intimidate you.  There are many reasons why a custom horse trailer can be an extremely smart investment for you and your horse.

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a custom horse trailer from Double D Trailers:

1.  Top Priority: Better Protection for Your Horses

horse trailer safetyYou wouldn’t be buying a horse trailer if you didn’t have horses.  So, it makes sense that they are your absolute top priority.  You want them to be safe, protected, and stress-free while traveling down the highway.

Our horse trailers contain a number of top safety features like our Z-Frame technology, SafeKick walls, SafeBump roof, insulated walls, 3M chemical bonding, SafeTack technology, Rumber flooring, and interior ventilation.  We have also designed the trailers with a number of features that make the interior more open, airy, and inviting so that even nervous loaders can learn to walk onboard confidently and without fear.

Each trailer is designed to fit your specific horses like a custom wedding dress or tux.  If you have a large warmblood and a much smaller show pony, we can customize the stalls inside the trailer to match their individual sizes.  Large breed owners can make the trailer extra tall or extra wide to accommodate their horses.  If your horse prefers to travel in a rear-facing direction, we can even offer the patented SafeTack Reverse Slant trailer.

A trailer that is designed to match the needs of your horse will better protect them in the case of an accident.  It will also help your horse travel more calmly and arrive at your destination less fatigued and ready to go.

2.  Features for Human Comfort and Convenience

Next, it is time to think about what you want from your horse trailer.

What organizational features do you need in your dressing room?  How do you want to store and protect your expensive show attire and tack?  What sort of living and entertainment space would work for your long weekends away?

living quarters horse trailer

We can help you design a gooseneck horse trailer with a dressing room or even a full living quarters horse trailer that meets your exact needs.  We’ve had some clients challenge us by requesting storage for their motor cycle, canoe, or horse cart.  We’ve had people request extra tall closets that will hang their show coats without causing wrinkles.  We’ve even had a customer request a special space to transport their family goat and mini horse!

Handmade kitchen cabinets, recessed lighting, on-board air conditioning, leather furniture and custom sound systems… with a custom horse trailer, you are allowed to make extravagant requests so you can get the exact type of trailer that you want and need.

This attention to detail will help you stay relaxed and comfortable in your home-away-from home.  You’ll have everything you need to perform your best at competitions or have the most fun on weekend trips away.

3.  Pay for ONLY the Features You Want & Need

Why should you pay for features on a trailer that you are never going to use?

A local trailer sales lot is going to restrict you in your options.  You may end up paying for a new horse trailer that meets 90% of your needs while missing a few key items.  Plus, it likely has a few “bells and whistles” that you could honestly do without.

With a custom horse trailer, you can choose to pay for the exact features you want and need.  If you don’t really need a certain item, you can leave it off the design list and save the money.

4.  Show Off Your Stable Colors or Personal Style!

Jill from Washington is one of our custom horse trailer customers.  She told us that her trailer “is a real show stopper at events.”  She continued, “I’m constantly giving folks a tour!”

That is because your Double D Trailer is going to be a one-of-a-kind trailer with quality and craftsmanship that is unmatched by other models at the showgrounds.  The colors and outside appearance can let you express your own personal style.  (Does anyone here just LOVE pink?)

custom horse trailer

You can also design the look of the trailer to match your tow vehicle or farm colors.  Even, emblazon your stable logo on the side.

custom horse trailer

5.  One-on-One Customer Service with Your Designer

Our customers have told use over and over again how impressed they are with the customer service they receive during the design process.  When you contact us you will received personalized attention from Double D Trailers owner Brad Heath for every step of the design, building, and delivery process.

“Since all trailers are ‘custom build to order,' it’s a process… but one that’s fun, easy, convenient, and works very well,” Brad explained.  “It allows customers to easily price out trailers online at their convenience.

6.  Have Confidence in Your Purchase

Extreme attention to detail goes into the design process.  There should be no question marks on your mind when your trailer is ready to be delivered.

During the design process you can watch online videos of Brad explaining specific features, see a detailed design schematic of your particular trailer, and review dozens of personalized photographs of your trailer being built.  Brad will be by your side every step of the way to answer questions, make suggestions, and help with any of your concerns.

Ellen from California is one of our happy customers.  She really appreciated the extra time that Brad put in to help her customize her trailer.  “He suggested things that I had not realized were possible, and the result is a trailer that suites my somewhat unique needs perfectly.”

Karen from Georgia explained, “Brad worked with me to take a standard 2 horse gooseneck and make design changes and additions to make my dream trailer.”

7.  Flat Rate Nationwide Delivery and Service Program

To help our customers all across the United States, we offer a flat nationwide delivery rate of $395.  Plus, we offer a nationwide service plan.  This means that we can send one of our experienced technicians directly to you farm if you have any concerns with your horse trailer.  Or, if you prefer, you can personally pick up your new trailer from our factory.

8.  100% Money Back Guarantee

Brad explained, ““We feel so confident in our process of customer satisfaction we offer a 100% money back guarantee in writing!  It's a policy we implemented years ago, and so far…one we've never had a customer ‘cash in.’ This speaks highly of customer satisfaction!"

horse trailer delivery

9.  No Haggling with a Salesman and Wondering if You Got a “Good Deal”

After negotiating with a salesman, many buyers are often left with questions in their mind.  Did I get a good price?  I wonder if I could have made a lower offer?  These trailer salesman have models sitting on their lot week after week.  They need to hike up the trailer’s original price in order to make a profit. 

Our factory-direct sales model means you pay for the features you want without this expensive mark-up.  You know exactly what you are paying for without question.

Brad explained, “Our factory direct sales model cuts out the dealer overhead and has allowed us to invest in better, stronger built trailers with more innovative and expensive technologies yet still be competitive in pricing with industry average.”

10.  Top Notch Quality and Craftsmanship

We are able to include safety and luxury features on our horse trailers that other brands can’t or won’t include.  Even our base model trailers offer better features on the typical competition models.  This means you are getting a better overall value for your money.  Plus, our builders provide the very best in craftsmanship!

Stephanie from Arizona wrote, “I love my trailer and have nothing but great things to say about the sales process and quality of the trailer. Brad was wonderful to work with. From selection to production to delivery, every step was simple and flawless. I highly recommend buying a Double D trailer!”

If you are interested in creating your own Double D Trailers custom horse trailer, send a quick note to Brad.  He’ll help you get started!

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