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Trailer Talk: Trisha's Horse Suddenly Refused to Back Out

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Trailer Talk is a series on our website where our staff writers get the chance to chat with Double D Trailers owners and learn a little more about their story, experience, and overall satisfaction with our company/trailers. After years of having no problems with either of her horses, Trisha from OH suddenly found herself experiencing a stubborn loader. Her horse was having so many issues, Trisha found herself tearing out a rear tack in her old trailer in attempts of helping her horse. She began her search for a new trailer with easy load options and was attracted to our patented Safetack Reverse Load Configuration

safetack reverse 2 horse gooseneckWhat model trailer did you purchase?

Safetack Reverse Load 2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer.

What size/breed are your horses?

36” mini donkey, up to 15.2 HH Thoroughbreds and a ‘moderately fleshy’ 15 HH Quarter Horse.

How/why did you choose Double D Trailers? Were there any specific needs or criteria that you were looking for in a trailer? 

I wanted easy load options, walk on walk off. One nervous loader, and one suddenly stubborn horse. After years of having no problems, I found myself tearing out a rear tack because a horse refused to back out

Many people are hesitant about ordering a horse trailer completely online. How did the process of communicating and ordering online go for you?      

I too was skeptical. Brad was more than helpful every step of the way, no matter how many times I changed things. Even on a few design challenges, he made it work!

How do your horses load/travel in your Double D Trailer? Are they panicky loading, sweaty/ stressed after arrival? 

The day I received my trailer I took my problem loader to it. To my surprise the horse that usually puts up a 45-minute fight, self-loaded!!! And happily loads every time now.

Have you noticed any difference in your horses loading and traveling in your Double D Trailer vs. any previous experience with them in other trailers? 

One horse seems to want to ride facing the back, the other horse wants to face front. And of course both want to walk off not back out. We did not have this option in any other trailer! 

You purchased a camera for your trailer. One question that we often receive is how noisy our trailers are. Can you share any feedback on noise in your trailer after being able to hear your camera audio during travel? 

I usually mute the camera, because I can ONLY hear the wind and road noise of passing cars. Actually learned my horses prefer their head windows closed because of it. Never hear a squeak from the trailer. 

How do you feel about the construction and the quality of your horse trailer? 

I’m very happy with the quality. This trailer is solid, I forget it’s back there! I know I’ll have it for years to come. 

Feel free to share any other feedback, comments, or recommendations here.  

I’d strongly recommend the stud panel and camera. Last year one horse fell in the trailer. I was able to pull over, quickly get her out and reload. Only a small scratch on the knee. She could have easily slid under the other horse if the panel wasn’t there. If I didn’t see her down on the camera, I would have thought she’s just cranky. (She paws at every stop, must have been caught off balance when turning at a light) I wonder if this has happened before and I never knew. 

Thanks so much to Trisha for taking the time to share some of her story and experience with us.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Double D Trailers, contact Brad for more information. 

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