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15 Affordable Features to Make Your Horse Trailer Extraordinary

There are many ‘ordinary’ horse trailers being hauled on the highways today.  They are regular horse trailers with regular features that do a regular job of transporting your horses.

But, what about those other trailers?  You know the ones I mean…

These are the trailers with unique features integrated into the design that make the trailer safer and easier to use.  Plus, they just make the trailer cooler.  These trailers are attention-grabbers!  Here are 15 affordable features that add the ‘wow-factor’ to your new horse trailer.


Unique Horse Trailer Features from Double D Trailers

1.  Trailer Watering System

Anyone who has been on a trip with their horses knows that water can be a challenge.

On longer trips, you need to stop frequently to let your horses re-hydrate with a heavy buckets that take forever to fill.  Once at your destination, you will make endless laps back and forth from the water spigot to fill and refill those same buckets.

What if there was an easier way?Watering System

Double D Trailers offers two types of watering systems right on-board their trailers to help ease this chore.  First, we can install a corner water tank that uses gravity to fill a water bucket.  Easily turn the knob and have a source of water right on your trailer to fill buckets or rinse off mud.

Second, we can install a unique Hydra-Horse system (pictured above).  Double D Owner Brad Heath explained, “They have a patent on their design and it works very well.  The rounded ‘horse safe’ bowls allow for water ‘on the go.’  Plus, when you arrive, you can move the bowl from inside your trailer to the outside and even have exterior water.”

Talk about convenient!

This system can be tricky to install because plumbing lines need to run the length of your trailer.  Since all of our trailers are 100% custom built, we are able to handle this challenge easily.

 horse trailer fans

2.  Interior Horse Fans

Since we’re on the topic of keeping your horse nice and cool, let’s talk about fans.

Windows and vents are great, but what if you need just a little bit more air circulation?  Why not install individual interior horse fans?  It’s like upgrading your horse from coach to first class!


3.  SafeTack Compartment on a Slant Load Horse Trailer

Most slant load horse trailers have a dangerous and scary narrow entry door.  Horse and handler are forced to squeeze past a stationary rear tack storage area.  This configuration can make a nervous loader balk.  It can also be dangerous with less room to maneuver and less accessibility to the horses in an emergency situation.

Double D solved this problem by creating the patented SafeTack design.  Our forward or reverse facing trailers have an enclosed tack storage area that swings out like a second door.  This allows a wide-open rear entryway for horse and handler to load and unload.

SafeTack Horse Trailer

Plus, the tack storage area can be stocked with saddle holders, bridle hooks, lights, a lock, and an accessory tray.  It will keep your equipment ventilated, safe, and out of the way.  This feature is sure to attract attention!


4.  On Board Horse Cameras

horse trailer camerasDo you ever wonder what your horse is doing mid way through a trip?  Convenient cameras feeds from Double D Trailers will let you keep an eye on your horses while traveling.  Plus, a rear exterior backing camera can be a lifesaver!

The system comes with two cameras and wireless monitor that plug into your 12V supply inside your tow vehicle.  On one camera, you will have a view of your horses inside the trailer.  The other camera is mounted on the back of the trailer to assist with backing.

Brad explained, “Cameras seem to be extremely popular these days.  There are several camera companies on the market, but we get really good service from Ranch Cam.  The cameras are very durable and provide a clear view of your horses while traveling.”


5.  Self-Leveling System

The next feature is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s pretty impressive.  Double D Trailers installed a self-leveling system on a living quarters horse trailer for a client in Colorado.

living quarters horse trailer

“From a user perspective, it's a sweet deal,” Brad shared.  “You simply press the button and four hydraulic cylinders (one on each corner) of the trailer extend and automatically level the entire trailer.”


6.  Air Conditioning in the Living Quarters or Dressing Room

living quarters horse trailerAh...sweet cool relief!  There’s nothing quite like stepping into air conditioning on a sweltering hot day.  Double D can install air conditioning in the dressing room or living quarters of your horse trailer.

If you want to kick things up one more notch, then opt for the “ducted air conditioning.”  Instead of blowing air out directly from the AC unit, this type of system will blow air through ducts within a 3-4” space between the ceiling and trailer roof.  Then the air is piped out through smaller vents located throughout the living quarters.

“It blows nice and cool through these vents to keep you comfortable as you sleep,” Brad explained.

(Image Right:  Brad points out the AC unit in a living quarters horse trailer.)


7.  Living Quarters Horse Trailer Entertainment System

While you’re hanging out in your air-conditioned living quarters horse trailer, you may want to listen to some tunes.  Double D can install an outside roof antenna to power a stereo system with DVD player, Bluetooth connectivity, and inside/outside speakers. living quarters horse trailer

“It’s a really cool set up!” Brad exclaimed while showing off one trailer with this feature.  He even pointed out a USB charging station that the client had requested to charge their devices.


8.  Hay Bale Holder on SafeTack Compartment 

slant load horse trailerDouble D Trailers tries to make the best use out of EVERY single space on the trailer.  That is why Brad added in a unique hay bale holder on the side of the SafeTack compartment.

This system has two pegs that fold out to provide a resting place for a hay bale stacked vertically against the wall.  Then, there are places to strap the bale secure.

“It’s just a cool spot to be able to carry a bale of hay along with your horses.”


8.  Two-Step Roll Out Awning

An awning is an excellent feature to have on any horse trailer.  It gives you and your horses and extra shaded retreat during a sunny day.

The two-step awning from Double D Trailers is extremely easy to deploy.  Step 1:  Flip the lever to the ready position.  Step 2:  Pull.  That’s it!

gooseneck horse trailer

Gas shocks are built into the arms so that any accumulated rainwater will depress the arms allowing the water to roll off.  Any awning is nice, but Brad likes the two-step the best.  “Go with the 2-step.  It’s worth the extra money.”


10.  Wall Grid Organizers

gooseneck horse trailerEvery dressing room from Double D Trailers is fully customizable.  One feature that is especially popular with our clients is a wall grid organizer system.  This system lets you use the vertical wall space to organize supplies.

“This wall grid organizer is very handy.  You can purchase accessories like bins, racks, and hangers and they clamp right onto the grid on any position.” 

(Image Right:  Brad shows off a wall grid organizer in a gooseneck horse trailer.)


11.  Aluminum Wheels

If you live in an area that gets harsh winters, you are going to want aluminum wheels.  They stand up to salt environments better than the typical powder coated steel wheels.  Better durability means fewer headaches for you.

custom horse trailer


12.   Custom Tying Systems or Portable Corrals

gooseneck horse trailerDid you know that the exterior of your horse trailer is not always a safe place to tie your horse?  Curious animals can damage your trailer and injure themselves if left unattended.  That is why you may consider some special tying options available from Double D Trailers.

First, you could have a tie extender installed on the side of your trailer.  Brands like Tilt-Tie, TieRite, and HiTie provide extendable tie arms that swing out from the side of the trailer.  Horses tied to these arms have more room to graze, drink and even lie down while tied.

“These systems reduce damage to trailers and reduces injuries to the horses,” Brad explained.

Second, you may consider a portable corral system.  We like the Carri-lite corral panels that are made of telescoping PVC.  They can be mounted directly on the side of the trailer for transport and are versatile.


13.   Hydraulic Jack

gooseneck horse trailerWind, wind, wind…phew!  You know the feeling of winding that handle to lift or lower your trailer.  It can be exhausting.

Why not add a hydraulic jack in place of a standard jack?  These systems let you raise and lower your trailer with the touch of a button.  Plus, they are very reliable.  Brad’s opinion is pretty clear on the matter.  “I love hydraulic jacks!”


14.   Cowboy Shower

A full living quarters horse trailer isn’t right for everyone.  Some people want a simpler option, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a place to clean off!

A cowboy (or cowgirl) shower can be installed in the horse area of your trailer.  It provides you with a private place to wash off the sweat and grim of your day.


15.   Rumber Floors

This final feature is a ‘must-have’ for anyone who wants the best in convenience and safety.

All-aluminum trailers often have aluminum floors covered in heavy (and we mean HEAVY) mats.  Over time, moisture accumulates against the metal surface causing it to corrode.  Dangerous holes can develop that spell disaster for your horses.

We recommend pressure treated pine boards over metal floors. They provide a much safer alternative.  Still, you will need those heavy mats on top periodically to check the integrity of the floor beneath.

rumber horse trailer floors

Rumber flooring provides an even safer and easier option.  It is made from recycled rubber that forms sturdy inter-locking boards.  They transfer less heat, noise, and vibration from the highway up into your horses’ legs.  This helps prevent fatigue and stress for your animals.

Best of all, it can be cleaned out easily with a hose and a broom.  No mats are necessary!


The Sky is the Limit When Custom Building

It can be a lot of fun to dream about the features you’d put on your new trailer.  Still, we all have budget constraints, so it helps to be practical.

“The sky is the limit when custom building and adding options,” Brad summed it up.  “However, we can normally find a nice balance between "need versus want" and "budget" so that our clients end up with a trailer that meets the long term goals without breaking the bank!”

Remember, our custom horse trailers are well equipped in the standard pricing so even if you order a "base" model; it has more equipment than most competitors on the market.  If you are interested in designing your new dream trailer, then reach out to Brad today to start the conversation!

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