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6 Reasons why a Single Horse Trailer is Perfect for You!

double d trailers logoSometimes ‘one’ is the perfect number.  Are you one of those lucky horse owners who have found their soul mate in one particular horse?  He is your faithful companion to attend horse shows and to meet up with friends for trail rides.  You do everything together.  The two of you go on many adventures but the second stall in your current 2 horse trailer is wasted space.  It is rarely used and costs you gas money to haul along the highway.  Want a better option?

Brad Heath, owner and head designer for Double D Trailers, explained that the single horse trailers for sale are becoming more and more popular.  Single horse owners are looking for ways to cut down on costs and pare down possessions.  Just like the popular ‘tiny house’ movement, a single horse trailer can be a great way to use your horse trailer space more efficiently. Here are 6 reasons why a Double D Trailers single horse Safetack trailer is perfect for you! (Right Photo Credit)

1.  A single horse trailer is easier to tow.

First off, a 2 horse Safetack trailer from Double D Trailers typically has a length of 14 feet.  By removing the unused stall, the length can be reduced by 3.5 feet.  A length of only 11.5 feet is going to be easier to maneuver and tow along the road.  It will provide more stability and safety than a longer trailer.

2.  You will have more tow vehicle options.

A shorter trailer base also means a lighter hauling load.  Brad explained, “It’s a weight savings of over 500 lbs, but more importantly, it significantly reduces the tongue weight.”  The tongue weight is the vertical weight of your trailer’s front end if you were to walk up and lift it by the trailer coupler.

An overly heavy tongue weight is often a culprit in unsafe towing situations where tow vehicle, hitch, and trailer are improperly matched.  You won’t need to worry about this if you have a smaller trailer with a lighter tongue weight.

A lighter tongue weight and overall towing load will allow you more options when you choose your tow vehicle.  Fully loaded, your single horse trailer will only weight about 4,100 lbs.  This will allow you to buy a smaller, less powerful, and hence less expensive truck or SUV.

3.  Save on gas expenses and trailer cost.

A side benefit of a smaller vehicle is less expense for gas.  Brad said, “Less weight and smaller vehicles tends to equal reduced gas consumption.”  The initial price on a single horse trailer is also going to be slightly less than a 2 horse trailer.

So there are three ways we’ve save you money: 1) Less money on gas, 2) Less initial cost on the trailer, and 3) Less money on the smaller tow vehicle.

4.  Avoid the liability of towing a friend’s horse.

What if you want to haul a friend’s horse one day?  We’ve already shown you three ways that a single horse trailer can save you money.  Does it really make sense to pay this extra money on the off chance that you can help out a friend in the future?

Plus, there are other considerations when hauling another person’s horse.  Is your friend’s horse a calm loader and traveler?  What happens if you’re in an accident and their horse is injured?  What happens if their horse damages your trailer somehow?  Who is going to be liable for these damages?

In addition, taking a friend’s horse to an event can be more of an inconvenience than anything else.  Be honest.  Having a single horse trailer means that you won’t need to walk this delicate line of being a good friend while avoiding awkward liability issues.

Your answer will be easy:  Sorry, I can’t help because I only have a single horse trailer!

5.  The Safetack horse trailer allows for safer loading and unloading.

There are single horse trailer designs from other manufacturers but only Double D Trailers has the Safetack design.  With this slant load configuration, the rear tack storage compartment has been mounted on hinges so it swings out like a second door.  Designing this trailer was easy for Brad.  “Since we already offer 2 horse to 6 horse trailers in Safetack, it made sense to remove a stall form the 2 horse and make it a one horse.”

This new design allows for a wide-open entry point for your horse while he is loading onto the trailer.  In contrast, many other single horse trailer designs have a long and narrow hallway that can be intimidating for claustrophobic animals.   Other 1 horse slant load designs have a stationary rear tack storage area that creates a dangerously narrow door for both horse and handler to pass through.

The benefits of a Safetack are also for unloading.  Other designs force your horse to back out of the trailer.  Brad explained, “With the Safetack one horse, your horse can walk in and walk out.”  Simply swing the Safetack storage compartment open, turn your horse’s head and lead him off the back of the trailer.  This is a much less stressful way for many horses to exit a trailer.

6.  Enjoy a customizable personal dressing room!

Finally, the front of your new Safetack single horse trailer has a great dressing area that is perfect to store your coolers of food and extra equipment.  Even many 2 horse trailer designs don’t have the luxury of a dressing room in their trailer.  Now you can enjoy this feature on a 1 horse trailer that is only 11.5 feet long! 

Plus, every trailer from Double D Trailers is fully customizable.  Talk to Brad if you have a specific wish list for this front dressing area.

single horse trailer can be a really smart option for single horse owners.  It provides safety features that will protect your horse while allowing you to save money.  With a smaller vehicle and shorter trailer base, you will be able to easily zip around the county with your horse on many new adventures!


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