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How To Find the Best Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

Last updated December 15, 2023 by Rachael Kraft

best bumper pull horse trailers Bumper pull horse trailers are typically more affordable and user-friendly than other types of trailers on the market. For that reason, many first time trailer buyers typically begin their horse trailer search exploring different bumper pull horse trailer options.

If it’s your first time searching for a horse trailer, or if you’re looking to replace your old trailer, you’re probably asking yourself the question “where can I find the best bumper pull horse trailers?” or “which bumper pull horse trailer is best for me and my horses?”

If those questions sound familiar, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the eight best bumper pull horse trailers for the year, and you’ll also find all the information you need to decide between a straight load or a slant load, and to successfully purchase a new bumper pull horse trailer.

How to Decide Between a Bumper Pull Horse Trailer and a Gooseneck Horse Trailer

The first question you need to explore when searching for a new trailer is this one - should I get a bumper pull horse trailer or a gooseneck horse trailer? While you might already be leaning towards a bumper pull horse trailer, let’s make sure this is the right option for you and your horses.

Bumper pull horse trailers are usually lighter than gooseneck horse trailers, which means you don’t need as powerful of a truck or tow vehicle to be able to tow them successfully. Many bumper pull trailer owners can even pull their trailers in their SUVs.

However, since gooseneck trailers are bigger, they are able to haul more horses and have more room for a bigger living quarters area. If you have four or more horses, we recommend a gooseneck horse trailer since these trailers are more spacious and can haul more horses more comfortably.

bumper pull horse trailer Many people think that another advantage of gooseneck trailers is that they have better driving stability. Some people think that bumper pull trailers are more prone to fishtail in dangerous driving conditions, while gooseneck trailers are more stable at higher speeds because of their hitch connection and positioning in the truck bed. But the truth is that both bumper pull trailers and gooseneck trailers, when built correctly, are stable and easy to drive. The only difference you’ll notice is when backing up - bumper pull trailers are a little easier to put in reverse than gooseneck trailers.

As for the price point, bumper pull trailers are much more affordable than gooseneck horse trailers and can be a great option for horse owners who want to start with a basic, reliable, and economic trailer.

So, which one is better for you? Well, it depends. If you want a deluxe living quarters area and need more space for four or more horses, a gooseneck trailer would be great for you. But, if you have a couple horses and don’t plan on sleeping in your trailer, a bumper pull trailer would be a good option for you.

Is a Straight Load or Slant Load Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Right for Me?

Once you’ve decided that a bumper pull horse trailer is the best option for you and your horses, it’s time to decide what type of bumper pull horse trailer you need. You can choose between a few different styles, models, and makes, but first, you need to decide if you want a straight load or a slant load trailer.

Both straight load and slant load trailers cost about the same amount, and from the outside, they look about the same. But there are many reasons why you should consider a slant load bumper pull horse trailer. Here’s just a few:

Safer Loading and Unloading

safetack horse trailerWith a Double D SafeTack slant load trailer, your horse will never have to back up or move backwards during loading or unloading. That’s because these types of trailer designs have a side loading door where your horse can load and unload from.

And, unlike other trailer manufacturers that put the tack area in the back of the trailer, creating a dark and narrow entryway into the trailer, our trailers have a tack area that swings out like a door, leaving your horse with a full, wide entrance.

This eliminates high stress situations where you have to squeeze into the trailer alongside your horse, keeping both of you calm and safe during loading and unloading.

Emergency Access to Each Horse

The side doors on a slant load bumper pull trailer aren’t just for loading and unloading either - they also give you access to each individual horse. This is an important safety feature that many trailers don’t have. It’s always a good idea to be able to access each of your horses quickly and easily, just in case one of them becomes distressed during travel.

Easier Towing and Maneuvering

Since slant load bumper pull trailers are built on a shorter wheel base, they’re actually a little bit easier to tow and maneuver than straight load bumper pull trailers. Believe it or not, they are actually shorter overall than straight load trailers, and they have less tongue weight, which makes them easier to haul.

Best Bumper Pull Horse Trailer for Large Breed Horses

best 2 horse bumper pull trailer Some horse owners think that larger breed horses like draft horses and warmbloods are too big to travel comfortably in a slant load bumper pull trailer. However, Double D Trailers are all custom built to fit your specific horses. Even 17+ H horses can fit perfectly in a custom designed Double D Trailers slant load bumper pull trailer.

Slant load trailers are also much better for hauling more horses. If you have three horses, you can easily fit them in a slant load bumper pull. With a straight load bumper pull, it’ll be a tight squeeze and your horses won’t be as comfortable.

Double D's Best Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

What’s the best 2 horse bumper pull trailer? What's the best one horse bumper pull trailer? If you’ve been searching for the best bumper pull horse trailer on the market this year, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best bumper pull horse trailers for the year.

Check out our top choices for bumper pull trailers right here:

#1 SafeTack Slant Load 2 Horse Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

The SafeTack Slant Load Trailer from Double D Trailers is our best-selling trailer. But don’t just take our word for it - check out what happy customers have to say about this best-selling design:

  • 2 horse bumper pull trailer “I LOVED all of the safety features and options that Double D has included. I wanted to know that my horse was as safe as possible on the road and I feel that Double D Trailers has created a very safe product that provides as much protection as I can get in a Bumper Pull.” - Christy I. from Atlanta, Georgia
  • “I carry friends' horses all the time and have not once had issues loading or unloading. The swing out rear tack compartment allows the horses to turn to come out or if trained, back out easily. The trailer is low enough they do not get nervous backing out or walking in. It is bright inside and I ordered the 7'6" height so no issues with claustrophobia.” - Sharon from West Virginia
  • “My spouse was looking for a high quality safe trailer. We researched many brands and models and we kept coming back to Double D as our selection. She really liked the safety features on the safe tack reverse and was really impressed with all of the positive customer reviews.” - Kurt A. from Kansas

The SafeTack Slant Load 2 Horse bumper pull trailer uses Z-frame technology to create a strong and safe foundation for the rest of the trailer to be built on. Then, the SafeBump Roof and the SafeKick Wall Systems are added to keep your horses safe and protected during travel. The tubular head dividers allow for more airflow and keep your horses calm and refreshed even on hot days.

bumper pull horse trailer The SafeTack technology gives you a rear tack area with storage space while still giving your horses a wide and welcoming entryway to load onto the trailer. And, they can also load in through the side door and ramp or unload from that area. This eliminates the dangerous backing up situation that most trailers require during unloading.

This trailer model also has a spacious dressing room area that you can personalize and customize to fit your specific needs. And we’ve added a convenient doorway from the dressing room to the horse area.

Another unique feature this trailer offers is both reverse and forward-facing configurations that will help your horse travel better and arrive at your destination fresher than ever before. A trailer that puts your safety and your horses safety first, the SafeTack 2 Horse Slant Load Trailer is truly the best bumper pull horse trailer on the market today.

#2 3 Horse Bumper Pull Slant Load Trailers

If you have three horses and want a similar trailer to the best-selling 2 horse slant load bumper pull trailer listed above, this is the trailer for you. The 3 horse bumper pull slant load trailer is the larger version of our bestseller, with all the same safety features and trailer perks.

The 3 horse bumper pull trailer is designed specifically to fit your horses and give them enough space to travel comfortably in the trailer. The stall sizes can be customized depending on the breed and size of your horses. Even horses that are 17+ hands high will fit perfectly in this bumper pull trailer. Some of our customers even have commented that their Double D Trailer makes their large breed horse look small!

This trailer also can be designed to work with a rear-facing configuration, and it also has a side door and ramp for walk-on, walk-off loading and unloading.

#3 Bumper Pull 2 Horse Slant Load Trailers

This is a basic trailer option for people who are looking for a more affordable bumper pull trailer. The bumper pull 2 horse slant load trailer has the same Z-Frame technology as our two horse SafeTack trailer, but not as many features as the SafeTack. This trailer doesn’t have a side loading door or ramp and has a much more basic design.

With this trailer, you’ll still get the Z-frame tubular head dividers, the SafeKick wall system, and a heat-reflective one-piece roof. It also has a full nose or V-nose shaped front which allows for a walk-in tack room or storage area.

#4 One Horse Trailer Bumper Pull

one horse bumper pull trailer The Double D Trailers SafeTack one horse bumper pull trailer is the safest one horse bumper pull trailer on the market today. This trailer is lighter and smaller, making it easier to tow. And because of its light weight, it can be towed by a variety of tow vehicles.

It also has the SafeTack design with the tack area that swings out and leaves you with a wide open entryway to load and unload your horses safely. It also keeps you safe with the anti-kick divider with the essential safety release features.

No matter what size your horse BFF is, this trailer can be custom designed to fit even the biggest draft horse.

And, if you plan to take your horse trailer to the mountains for trail riding, this one horse bumper pull trailer can also be designed to fit a mattress in the dressing room area in the front of the trailer. If you’re an adventurous one-horse owner, this is the trailer for you.

#5 Bumper Pull Straight Load Townsmand Two Horse Trailers

straight load bumper pull trailer

Our slant load trailers are the best bumper pull horse trailers on the market, and for that reason, we’ve given them the top 3 spots on our ranking. But, our straight load horse trailers follow right behind them, and are another great option if you are looking for a straight load bumper pull trailer.

The Townsmand bumper pull trailer is our most affordable two horse trailer model and it comes with all the necessary safety features and the perfect amount of storage room for a quick trip.

This trailer has the Z-frame technology and it’s built with an insulated interior that keeps your horses safe and cool even on hot days. It also has the classic SafeBump roofing system which is leak-proof and specially designed to flex to protect your horse in the case that he should rear up while in the trailer.

This trailer has a small storage area in the front with enough space for two saddles and basic riding equipment. This is a more affordable and basic storage area that’s perfect for riders that are starting out.

#6 2 Horse Straight Load Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

straight load bumper pull trailer If you like the Townsmand bumper pull horse trailer but want more storage space, the 2 horse straight load bumper pull horse trailer is for you. This is the best two horse bumper pull trailer because it has a full tack room / dressing room in the front of the trailer, and it’s still very affordable.

This trailer includes all our top safety features - Z-frame Technology, the leak-proof SafeBump roof, SafeKick walls, ample interior padding, and an insulated horse area and tack area. And, it also has a side door for walk-on, walk-off loading. This is a great horse trailer for larger breeds too, as you can also customize this trailer to fit a horse up to 18 hands.

This is one of our best two horse trailer options and since you can customize it to fit your exact equine needs, that makes it the best two horse trailer for you!

#7 Bumper Pull V-Sport 2 Horse Straight Load Trailer

The bumper pull V-sport 2 horse trailer is one of our most easy to tow trailers. It weighs just 2700 lbs, which means you’ll be able to tow it with almost any vehicle! And, because it’s so lightweight, that makes it very easy to maneuver, park, and back up. If you’re a first time trailer driver, this is the perfect beginning trailer.

And even though it’s one of the smallest trailers we offer, we’ve still managed to squeeze a ton of safety features into this mini-beast. In this trailer model, you’ll find our classic Z-Frame technology, tubular head dividers for increased airflow, the SafeBump roof system, and SafeKick walls.

This is an adorable little trailer that’s perfect for any horse owner. And, as with all Double D Trailers, you can customize it to make it your own.

#8 Safetack 1 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

It’s rare to find a bumper pull horse trailer with living quarters that meets our strict safety requirements.  But this Safetack 1 Horse Trailer fits the bill!  Often, bumper pull horse trailers with living quarters have incredibly heavy tongue weights that lead to unsafe towing. This model, however, solves that problem by limiting the load to just one horse.

This model trailer is perfect for the one horse owner who wants to meet up with friends for weekend trail rides or events.  The comfortable living quarters has room for a sleeping area, bathroom, and even a small kitchenette.

Store your equipment in the fully enclosed Safetack storage area and let your horse enjoy all of the safety features of our full-sized trailers.  This unique living quarters bumper pull trailer is quickly becoming one of our most popular models!

How to Choose the Best Bumper Pull Horse Trailer for You

After exploring the different options on the market for bumper pull horse trailers, it’s a good idea to take two or three trailers you are most interested in and compare them side by side. To help you in this process, we’ve created two informational graphics to help you in your search for the best bumper pull horse trailer for you.

If you’re leaning more towards a slant load horse trailer, this chart lays out all the different features and designs for slant load bumper pull trailers:

slant load bumper pull trailers

If you’re thinking you’ll get a straight load bumper pull horse trailer, this chart compares the three best straight load bumper pull trailers we offer:

straight load bumper pull trailers

Remember, when choosing the best bumper pull horse trailer for your travel needs, consider first how big of a horse trailer you need - will you be transporting just your horses or your friends and family’s horses as well? Also consider how much space you want - do you need a horse trailer with a big enough nose space to fit a mattress or create a small living quarters area? Or do you just need a small dressing room area?

Once you’ve decided how big of a trailer you want, and whether you want a slant load or a straight load, you’ve narrowed down your options and are ready to start the custom design process. You can make your trailer just the way you want it and the perfect size for your specific horses. You can add organization features and extra things that will make your trailer unique and truly yours.

The design process is simple and straightforward, and Brad Heath, owner of Double D Trailers, will help you during every step of the process. He’ll make suggestions and help you fit in all the features you want and need.

best bumper pull horse trailer Cindy from Knox, Pennsylvania shared that the design process for her new bumper pull trailer went super smoothly. She said, “Brad was very responsive. I asked lots of questions, and he always got back to me quickly with very detailed answers. Brad made suggestions but took what I wanted, and we built a beautiful trailer, customized to exactly my needs.”

Send Brad Heath an email today to talk about the specific design features and options you have for the trailer you want. He’s more than happy to answer any questions you might have about bumper pull trailers and the Double D Trailers design process.

This article was written by Rachael Kraft and published on Monday, 18 April 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Do Large Breed Horses Fit in Bumper Pull Trailers?

This depends on the make and model of your bumper pull horse trailer. Some bumper pulls are smaller than others and aren’t big enough to haul large breed horses like warmbloods and draft horses. However, at Double D Trailers, since all trailers are custom built and designed, even large breed horses can fit comfortably in our bumper pull trailers. By adding a few inches to the height and stall sizes, your big horses can travel safely and comfortably in a Double D Trailer bumper pull trailer.

What is the best two horse bumper pull trailer?

The best two horse bumper pull trailer for sale on the market today is the SafeTack Slant Load 2 Horse Bumper Pull Horse Trailer from Double D Trailers. This is our best-selling and most popular model, and our customers rave about how much they love it. It has all the essential safety features to keep your horse protected during travel. You can trailer your horse in both the forward-facing or rear-facing position, and with the walk-on, walk-off loading, you and your horse will be much safer during loading and unloading. Discover for yourself why this trailer is the best two horse bumper pull trailer for you.

What is the difference between a bumper pull trailer and a gooseneck trailer?

A bumper pull trailer is typically smaller and more affordable than a gooseneck trailer. Gooseneck trailers are larger and can transport more horses - they also have more room for a living quarters area or an extra dressing room. The biggest difference between bumper pull trailers and gooseneck trailers is the hitch that connects your tow vehicle to the trailer. With a gooseneck trailer, the hitch is placed in the truck bed - this allows for greater stability but also requires a tow vehicle with a greater towing capacity. Bumper pull trailers are lighter, and can be towed normally (with a hitch connection near the bumper area) by a greater variety of tow vehicles with lower towing capacities.

Are bumper pull trailers cheap?

Bumper pull trailers are more affordable than other models of trailers. They can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $30,000 depending on your trailer’s specific features. While they are a more economic option, you shouldn’t settle for a “cheap” bumper pull horse trailer because cheap trailers are sure to cause you lots of problems down the road. Don’t believe us? Check out this article talking about the dangers of cheap horse trailers.

How many horses can fit in a bumper pull trailer?

For safe travel and horse transport, you should only transport 1-4 horses in a bumper pull trailer. If you have 4 horses or more, you should invest in a gooseneck horse trailer to ensure that your horses are safe and comfortable in the trailer. Double D Trailers makes one horse, two horse, and three horse bumper pull trailers so your horses can travel comfortably and safely to your destination.

Do bumper pull trailers have living quarters?

Most bumper pull trailers shouldn’t have living quarters, because they are extremely unsafe. Instead of living quarters, they may have a small dressing room area in the front of the trailer. However, since Double D Trailers are custom designed, we have a Safetack 1 Horse Bumper Pull With Living Quarters trailer option that’s perfect for horse owners who want a living quarters area for their bumper pull horse trailer. This area can be custom designed and you can make your living quarters just how you want them.

What type of truck do I need to pull a bumper pull horse trailer?

Since bumper pull horse trailers are lighter than other trailer models, you can often pull them with a smaller truck or even an SUV. However, you’ll need to determine the specific tongue weight of your trailer to determine whether a vehicle can haul your bumper pull safely. Learn how to calculate your trailer’s tongue weight here. Make sure you double check and triple check to make sure your truck can support your trailer's weight before heading out on the road.

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