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Trailer Talk: Cindy Was Sold With the Swing Out Tack Compartment

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

horsesTrailer talk is a series on our website where we chat with our customers about their experience with our company, customer service, and products. Here is our conversation with Double D Trailer owner, Cindy from Knox, PA. Cindy purchased a 2020 SafeTack 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer.

What size and breed are your horses?

Ice is an 8-year-old Kentucky Mountain gelding, and he’s built like a tank (or maybe a draft horse).  Sully is my 9-year-old Spotted Saddle Horse/TN walker gelding, and he’s 16 hands, typical TN walker build. 

Why did you start looking to purchase a horse trailer? What model did you end up purchasing? 

When my husband and I married 6 years ago, I bought a used Double D Trailer weekender gooseneck. The previous owner (first and only) had put in a lovely interior in the front, nothing fancy but the trailer of my dreams. The problem was my husband’s truck was uncomfortably large for me…diesel, dually, 4 door-full length bed. I was edgy hauling, and I sold that trailer in a couple years. I LOVED the swing out tack, the ease of loading, the solid safe trailer…should have just sold the truck!

Did you own a trailer before, or was Double D Trailers your first purchase? What ultimately made you decide to choose Double D Trailers?

I’ve owned lots of trailers over the years…4 horse steel stock trailer, 2 horse living quarter, 2 horse little aluminum one, and a gooseneck 2 horse straight load. But, after I sold my Double D Trailer gooseneck 3 years ago, I bought a nice little used aluminum slant. I soon discovered my fat and tall horses were way too big. I actually had to lean on the gate to close it behind Ice!  And Sully was nervous because he was too tall and was confined too tightly too.  It hauled well but was just not big enough.  The only trailer I wanted to replace it with was a Double D Trailer. I looked at a lot of them online, used, but am so happy with my decision to design exactly what I needed.  The front stall, Ice’s, is 12” wider than standard. The entire trailer is 4” taller for Sully. And the front… wow. No living quarters, but plenty of space for a cot, I had electricity put in and an organizer grid. Truthfully, of all the features I like, it’s the swing out tack compartment that sold me. There have been a few design upgrades since my last Double D Trailer, but once you have the tack away from your dressing room, you never want to go back. And the way it opens the entire back of the trailer, the horses load and unload like it’s a stock trailer. No more narrow passageway.

safetack 2 horse bumper pullWhat advantages or disadvantages have you noticed for loading/unloading your horses with your Double D Trailer in comparison to any previous hauling experience? 

I can speak to how they loaded on my last Double D Trailer. It was wicked better. You swing out the tack compartment, latch it so there’s no chance of it swinging shut, and It’s like loading them onto a stock trailer.  There’s no bending around a tack compartment. The second horse is securely latched in his stall until you swing out the tack compartment. If you have trouble with your horse backing off, this is the trailer you need. You can easily turn him and not back him off. 

What are your thoughts on the design process and communicating via text and email with Brad? Is there anything we could do differently to make this process better? 

Brad was very responsive. I asked questions, lots of them, and he always got back to me quickly and very detailed when needed. I ordered before COVID shutdown, so it was a month later than expected, but that was it. One day shy of a month of the original completion date I got pictures of my completed trailer. The interactive “build a trailer” feature of the website is great.  I started with the trailer to include every bell and whistle. I did a little paring down, not much, but it was a satisfying process. Brad made suggestions but took what I wanted, and we built a beautiful trailer, customized to exactly my needs.  He even added a couple things for me later on with no problem. I will admit it is a little unnerving to order and buy online, sight unseen, but he made the process very easy.

Do you have any recommendations for improvements on your Double D Trailer, or anything else you'd like to add? 

safetack 2 horse bumper pullNo, I am hoping this will be my last trailer I ever need. I got it the way I wanted it. If I ever get another one, it’ll be the single horse living quarters! One other thing, Kelly delivered my trailer on time and communicated with me the days leading up to, and the day of delivery. Great service!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Double D Trailers, contact Brad for more information. 

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