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Meet Our Double D 3 Horse Slant Trailer

Last updated December 15, 2023 by Brad Heath

Loading and hauling one or two horses can be accomplished in a small, stripped down straight load trailer, but when you’re transporting three horses, the width of a standard trailer makes straight loading difficult.  Whether you’ve just purchased a third horse or you’re finally ready to take all three of your horses on the trail, a 3 horse slant trailer makes transportation easier and safer for everyone.  Not only is there added space for all your horses in a slant load trailer, they’re less scary for horses who aren’t frequently trailered.

We care about comfort, but we also worry about your safety -- all of our slant load horse trailers are designed with safety in mind.  Our SafeTack system allows you to access your tack from outside the trailer, with a well-balanced saddle compartment that can easily hold your saddles, blankets and halters and other important gear.  If you need to grab something from inside the trailer, an additional divider keeps your horses from unloading themselves before you’re ready to hit the trail.

With the tack stored safely away in a swinging compartment, you can open the back section of your trailer completely with just a few simple movements.  Wider loading and unloading areas are safer for you and your horses, no matter how far they have left to go in their training.  We’re always thinking about ways to keep your horse safe, which is why our 3 horse slant trailer models come standard with our patented SafeBump Roof and SafeKick Wall Systems.

Whether you’re in the market for a 3 horse bumper pull trailer or a gooseneck trailer, our Z-frame technology, made from a tough, lightweight zinc alloy, makes pulling a breeze.  There’s no need for an extra large pickup to haul your horses -- most of our trailers pull easily behind a half ton truck.  Extra wide 40 inch stalls and pressure treated wood flooring are just a few of the comforts we provide standard with each and every 3 horse slant trailer we build.

Even our regular models are custom horse trailers, so if you want to upgrade the flooring, add living quarters or customize the appearance of your trailer, you’ll have the opportunity before we begin production.  We build horse trailers one at a time and take the time to answer your questions so you’ll have the perfect horse trailer when we’re done.

Our basic 3 horse slant trailers measure 18 feet long, with an extra 7 1/2 foot area over the truck in our gooseneck models that can be used for storage or turned into a sleeping area.  Our standard trailers feature a generous 7 foot 4 inches of interior height (upgradable to 7 foot 6 inches), 24 inch escape doors and two inches of padding standard on both dividers and slant walls for the safest load and ride possible.

Email us at sales@doubledtrailers.com to get started on your 3 horse slant trailer.  We’ll work with you to ensure that your new trailer will be exactly what you had in mind and useful for many years to come.  Your horses will thank you for the added safety and you’ll appreciate the gasoline you’ll save by selecting the lightest, most durable materials available.

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