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Trailer Talk: Christine's Horses Love the Brightness and Width of the Double D Trailers Safetack Feature

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

safetack reverse 2 horse bumper pullTrailer talk is a series on our website where we chat with our customers about their experience with our company, customer service, and products. Here is our conversation with Double D Trailer owner, Christine from Conneticut. 

How did you find out about our company? What made you choose Double D Trailers over another trailer brand? 

I decided to put our old trailer up for sale and look for a nice trailer either new or used. I was googling the different trailer names I knew and liked, and the Double D Trailers site popped up. As I scrolled through the site, I began to become intrigued in finding out what makes this trailer so special. I was hooked and kept going back to the Double D Trailers site and researching everything about the trailers. I read all the info and watched all of the demonstration videos Brad had done.  I really started to think this could be a trailer for my family and our horses. So after much consideration I picked the style of trailer I wanted and started to add on all of the things to make it unique for our needs. I then put in my order and the process started from there.

What model did purchase?

I purchased a Safetack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer with a dressing room.

What size horses do you own? 

We have 4 horses here, 2 small ponies, a 15-hand quarter horse mare, and a 16.3 hand thoroughbred gelding.

Was your first trailer purchase a Double D Trailer? If not, how does your Double D Trailer compare to any others you have owned previously?

horse in safetack 2 horse bumper pull

No, my very first trailer was a used 1995 Kingston, 2 horse bumper pull, with no dressing room. I got a very good deal on it back in 2005, it was a one owner trailer who took very good care of it and it was in very good condition. We used that trailer a lot especially during the years when my daughter started to do more lessons & show her pony and then larger horse. It was a nice little trailer, our horses seemed comfortable, but we needed a dressing room and that was a bit of a hassle.  With age comes repairs and rust, and I felt it was time for an upgrade, to get something we really wanted! Our new SafeTack has so much more to offer us and our horses! I love having 2 ways to enter and exit, how open and bright it is! Makes me feel my horses are safe in case of an accident or emergency, I can get them off if I need to.

I liked during the building process having constant communication emails with Brad, asking me questions about which side I wanted, my side ramp and various other trailer options. I wanted an additional set of trailer ties for our ponies to be lower so they would be comfortable during their trailering. Having 2 tack rooms is unbelievable! Now we can put everything in just the right spots into the trailer and not have to pile up our truck. It's so user friendly. I keep going out to the trailer and just open and close all the doors, dividers, windows and etc. so I can get to know just how to work everything when I need to. I also have never been able to lock up our old trailer. I never had a key to do so, and to have all the locks changed was a hassle. I appreciate all the safety!  

How do your horses respond to loading/unloading, as well as riding in your trailer? Is this different than any previous hauling experience you have with them? 

So far, we have been practicing with the horses and ponies loading and unloading in our driveway.  I still do not have a license plate, mostly due to the COVID situation with the DMV, so I cannot take it out on the roads. But, we loaded the horses up and took them for a ride up and down my street.  They did very well with the short ride and seemed relaxed and quiet.  The SafeTack opens up so nice and wide and our big thoroughbred walked right on and off, but my quarter horse was more cautious and had to really check out the outside of the new trailer before she wanted to get aboard. She finally did and did it several more times after that, getting a treat each time of course! I would say their reaction was better with the loading and unloading. Mostly because of the brightness and width of the SafeTack. Our old trailer took some getting used to and it was narrow and a bit dark, even though I would open up all the doors and turn the interior lights on.  

Double D Trailers does majority of our communication through e-mail or text. How did you like the online communication with Brad? What would you say to anyone who is hesitant about ordering online?

safetack trailer

To be honest, at first, I did not care for the emails. I am a person who likes to speak to a person if I have questions or concerns.  Especially since I could not actually see the trailer in person. But I got used to it. I was able to ask Brad anything and he got right back to me quickly with the answers I was looking for. I have never bought such an expensive purchase online like this and was a bit unsure at first. But Brad assured me, and I was able to reach him whenever I needed him. Plus, the emails allowed me to go back to see the answers to my questions and all the info that he shared. It was good to have a paper trail of sorts. With the way our lives have been turned upside down this year having a pandemic and not being able to travel to actually see what you want to purchase in person, purchasing online is our new normal. Just make sure you ask all the questions you want to make sure you get exactly what you want. I feel this was exactly my experience. 

Plus, I was able to meet the delivery driver, Kelly, who went through my trailer with me and really took her time showing me all the new features my trailer had to offer and just how everything worked. Kelly was great to work with and called me constantly during her long delivery trip to let me know everything was going well and my trailer was hauling beautifully. It only took 2 days to be delivered and she pulled into my driveway exactly the time she said she'd arrive. She's so nice, took excellent care of my new trailer during the delivery, told me about many safety features to keep up with and look out for when hitching and unhitching. She was very knowledgeable about how to safely hitch up and haul on the road, and I felt confident with what she needed to share with me. She knew I was excited and didn't want me to miss any information about the trailer. I actually learned a great deal from her. Brad and Kelly were so nice and really shared my excitement of finally owning a new Double D SafeTack Trailer made especially for me.  

How was your experience with our company as a whole? Is there anything we could do to make improvements?

I feel the customer service and financing was very good. Like I mentioned before, Brad was great to work with, and helped me through the entire process.  I haven't gotten my license plate yet, so I cannot go out on the road to give you my experience with that part. As I mentioned, we took it for a quick ride up the street and it traveled beautifully behind my truck and backed into the driveway without any trouble. I feel it was a bit time consuming to get the bank's paperwork completed and sent back online, my husband needed to sign the paperwork as well, so it took about a week to get it all finished up. But between Brad's help and the bank's help we got it all done and it's all official! Having this be my first slant load, I am having to learn the best way to get myself out of the way of the horses in order to lock up the dividers. My fear is they will pull back and get out as I turn away from them to latch up the dividers. It is a work in progress, and I want to have a safe experience every time I load and unload. This is only going to get better every time I work with the trailer.  


Thanks so much to Christine for taking the time to chat with us and share her story.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Double D Trailers, contact Brad for more information. 

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