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Trailer Talk: Everyone Wants to Tour Sharon's Safetack 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Customer Story by Sharon from WV

Before purchasing my Double D Trailer, I had a corn pro stock trailer with a forward tack compartment. I liked the trailer and it was adequate for the trucking I did. I only trail ride, and 90% of trucking is to a trail head. It was heavy and my truck had trouble with some of the mountains we have to travel. 

So, I started looking at aluminum trailers with the thought I could possibly primitively camp if there was an event I wanted to attend. I have always loved the look of the Double D Trailers and they were in my budget. I bought a Safetack Slant Load 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer from Double D Trailers.

safetack 2 horse bumper pull trailer

The ability to customize a horse trailer was a big selling point. At the time, I had a wide rocky mountain gelding that was getting rub marks from the normal size stall. Brad customized a wider stall for him and helped me with many other options. Especially all the lights - we have no lights at the barn so loading and unloading in the dark was a major issue. My trailer has excellent lights both inside and out. Another big selling point were the fans, overhead vents and windows that allowed a great air flow. I also liked the back gate so both horses would be locked in without pushing the rump of the back horse to close the door.    

My horse is a 15-hand wide rocky mountain weighing about 1100 pounds. He loads easily and is not at all stressed while in the trailer. I carry friends horses all the time and have not once had issues loading or unloading. The swing out rear tack compartment allows the horses to turn to come out or if trained, back out easily. The trailer is low enough they do not get nervous backing out or walking in. It is bright inside and I ordered the 7'6" height so no issues with claustrophobia.    

The trailer is lightweight, easy to hook up and unhook, backs and pulls easy. My husband loves the easy maintenance. I have lots of storage and places to carry everything. Plus I look good going down the road! LOL. Everyone wants a tour at all my events.   

Thanks so much to Double D Trailers owner Sharon for sharing her story. If you have any questions or would like to get a free quote on your custom trailer, feel free to contact Brad.

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