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Trailer Talk: SafeTack 1 Horse Bumper Pull with Living Quarters Makes Loading Much Simpler

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Pam and her husband from Tennessee purchased a Double D Trailers SafeTack 1 Horse Bumper Pull with Living Quarter Trailer. We had the pleasure of chatting with Pam and learning a little bit more about her story and her experience with purchasing from Double D Trailers.

safetack 1 horse bumper pull Pam and her husband purchased their trailer for special events, mainly horse camping, and overnight stays at horsemanship clinics. In early summer, they used it to attend a two-week horsemanship clinic with Harry Whitney at Mendin Fences farm in Kentucky. At the clinic, two people were staying in their trailer. One slept in the living area, and one slept on the cot in the horse area. According to Pam, “Most comfortable stay for a horse clinic so far. The trailer layout is nearly a perfect match for our requirements.”

For Pam, the most important feature about their Double D Trailer is the swing out tack compartment. They have a horse that has trailered in a slant load trailer for many years without a rear tack room. Their horse has gotten used to that, and Pam stated, “When we load her in another trailer we have that has a rear tack compartment, we have to do it very carefully, so she doesn't get too nervous. The Double D trailer makes loading so much simpler.”

A couple weeks ago, Pam moved a few horses around and had a chance to really test out towing on multiple horses with her new trailer. Pam says, “We moved a few horses around last Sunday. We took the horse I just referenced from our home in middle Tennessee to another farm in eastern Tennessee, then took a horse from there further east to a trainer and then returned back to our home with a horse we had at that trainer. So, three horses, lots of freeway driving, the trailer tows well.”


Here are Pam’s responses to a couple of our questions.

How do you like your trailer so far?

We're very happy with the trailer. It's a one-horse bumper pull with living quarters. The layout exactly meets our needs. This trailer replaces our three horse, gooseneck Cimmaron horse trailer with living quarters. We find the floor space in the smaller Double D Trailer works better for us than the floor space in the much larger Cimmaron. The sleeping arrangement for one in the Double D Trailer is better, no climbing into the gooseneck. For two, one of us sleeps on a cot in the horse compartment. The A.C. and heat are able to cool both the living area and the horse compartment. We use the cowboy shower. This works well with the rumber flooring. We shower in the morning and the floor is dry by the time we put the cot down in the evening. We enjoy the swing out tack compartment, it makes loading and unloading a horse very easy.

What attracted you to Double D Trailers over other brands?

Double D Trailers has a number of innovations that better met our specific requirements. Including: the swing out tack compartment, a compact one-horse trailer with living quarters, rumber floors, insulated living and horse compartment, rubber mats in the living area that can easily be swept out.


Thanks so much to Pam for taking the time to talk to us and share her story. If you have any questions about the One-Horse Bumper Pull with Living Quarters, contact Brad.

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