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Trailer Talk: This Couple Upgraded to a SafeTack 3 Horse Gooseneck for Horse Safety and Comfort

Last updated October 14, 2023 by Brad Heath

Trailer Talk is a series on our website where we chat with our customers about their experience with our company, customer service, and products. After 15 years with a two horse bumper pull trailer, BJ and his wife decided it was time to upgrade to a new trailer. Here is our conversation with Double D Trailers owner, BJ. 

What prompted you to begin looking for a horse trailer? Did you own a trailer before, or was Double D your first purchase?

We have a two-horse bumper pull trailer that we’ve used for about 15 years. Allison has pulled gooseneck trailers over the years with her truck and has found them to be much more maneuverable and quite a bit more space. When we started thinking about getting a new trailer, our first thought was about horse safety and comfort, then ease of loading, then adequate tack and storage area, and finally something that we could camp in if we pulled to a remote location with the horses.

What led you to Double D Trailers? (Friend referral, show, Internet search, articles online?)

Online internet search. There were a lot of results from many manufacturers, but we found that the detailed information on the Double D Trailers site was very informative. The various articles on the site helped us to think about things we hadn’t thought of, and also provided some “ah ha!” moments.  The pictures and videos of the different options really helped in understanding what was available.  As a technical person, I really appreciated the pros/cons and whys that the articles provided.  I also appreciated that the articles weren’t about bashing other brands, rather, they were about common sense, what to look for, why some features are important, in what conditions might they not be acceptable. And the information was really geared towards horse safety and comfort – that’s important to us.

How long did you do research before making a decision to order a custom build?

About 3 months.

What model did you end up ordering?

Safe-Tack Reverse 3 Horse slant gooseneck.

If you had a trailer previously, what did/didn't you like about it?

Not really any complaints about the old trailer, it served us well over the years. We were ready for the “next step”.  Allison has been into horses for many years, and I only started coming around the last few years, so it was a good time to start looking at what new features are out on the market.  And now, with two horses, having a larger trailer in case we wanted to bring along a friend or a spare horse or just some extra supplies is ideal.

What size horses do you trailer? (height/weight/breed?)

Typically quarter horses. Dooley is buckskin gelding, about 15.3 hands, around 1,200 pounds.  Dixie is a yellow dun mare, about 14.3, around 1,000 pounds.  I’ve been trying to talk Allison into a draft horse for me, so when she eventually comes around, the extra width, length and height we added will be perfect.

 How do your horses respond to your Double D trailer while trailering, or after you reach your destination?

Our horses have always been very easy loaders. The extra width and height of this trailer make it especially spacious, and the ability to load from the rear or the side, as well as unload from the side in case of a breakdown on the road are an extra bonus.  With the added ventilation and the rumber flooring, the horse area should be quite a bit cooler – we haven’t had a chance yet to pull out on a hot and humid Nebraska day.

What advantages or disadvantages have you noticed for loading/unloading your horses with your Double D Trailer in comparison to any previous hauling experience? 

The side load is probably the biggest advantage.  Again, our horses are easy loaders, but we have seen people take literally hours to load their horses and it’s not a pleasant experience for either the rider or the horse.  With the side load, should we have a horse that’s a little concerned about loading, being able to let them check out the trailer, to go in forwards and also exit forwards, to build some confidence, we think that will be beneficial.

What are your thoughts on the design process and communicating via text and email with Brad?

This was an excellent experience. Brad was very communicative, informative, always responded quickly to our questions or changes, and throughout the entire process we were very comfortable that we would be receiving exactly what we discussed.  It can be a little daunting when purchasing something this expensive online and not actually see it on a sales lot before you commit, but the feedback and speed of communication made us confident. And when we received the trailer, it exceeded our expectations. 

Do you have any recommendations for improvements on your trailer?

Since the trailer has exceeded our expectations, we can’t really think of anything that we would need to improve it. It looks great, is well built, has safety in mind – what more can you ask for?

Thanks so much to BJ for taking the time to share his experience with us! If you have any questions, contact Brad

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