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Which Gooseneck Horse Trailer is Right for You?

gooseneck horse trailerIf you want more usable space, but you’re not willing to commit to a full living quarters trailer, then a gooseneck horse trailer may be the perfect option!

It will give you extra space in the front for an extended dressing room and sleeping area in the gooseneck overhang.  This type of trailer is a great ‘in-between’ when a bumper pull isn’t quite enough and a full living quarters trailer is just too much.

A Double D Trailers Gooseneck Horse Trailer is Right for You If:

  • You want to use your horse trailer for sleeping quarters during camping trips or long weekend shows.
  • How have a pick-up tow vehicle (or you’re willing to buy a new pick-up tow vehicle) that can handle the higher tow rating requirements for a gooseneck trailer. 
  • You like the V-Style Aerodynamic Gooseneck that will protect your tow vehicle’s back windows from damage during tight turns.
  • You want top towing safety with a well-balanced gooseneck trailer that has adequate clearance over the tail gate of your truck so the trailer will tow level.
  • You want the top safety features available: SafeTack design, Leak-Proof SafeBump roof, Reverse Load orientation, side loading ramp and door, Z-Frame technology, Galvalite skin, and SafeKick Wall System.
  • You want an insulated horse area that is designed to keep your horse cooler and more comfortable during the drive.

Do You Want a Straight Load or Slant Load Gooseneck Horse Trailer?

reverse load horse trailerAs with our bumper pull horse trailers and living quarters horse trailers, you will need to choose between a straight load and a slant load design.  At Double D Trailers, the SafeTack slant load design is our top seller by far.

The SafeTack trailers have a rear storage compartment that swings out like a second door.  This provides a wide open area for loading and unloading for a much safer experience for horse and handler. 

Plus, our SafeTack trailers can be built with forward or rear facing stalls.  If you choose the Reverse load trailer, then your horses would load through a side door and walk back into their rear-facing stall.  From there, they can walk straight off the back of the trailer to unload.  There is never a need to back with this type of system so it is often much less stressful for the horses.

Choose how many horses you’d like to haul and then pick the SafeTack trailer that works best for you.  All of our horse trailers can be custom made to fit your large Warmblood horses. 

SafeTack 2 Horse Gooseneck

SafeTack 3 Horse Gooseneck

SafeTack 4 Horse Gooseneck

If you’d prefer a straight load trailer, we do have a 2 Horse Straight Load Gooseneck Trailer available.  This option does not come with the SafeTack compartment or the Reverse load option.

What Kind of Dressing Room or “Hang Out” Area Do You Want?

Next, you need to decide what you want to do with the dressing room portion of your trailer.  If you’d like to keep things simple (and less expensive) you can go with a regular dressing room design.  Add options like a bench, mattress, or the popular wall-grid organizer to help keep your equipment in order.

If you are interested in a bit more luxury, then you might consider a “Hang Out” package on your Gooseneck Trailer.  Compared to a full living quarters trailer, a Hang Out area is much smaller and less elaborate.  For comparison, a full living quarters is defined as a bathroom (with shower/toilet), kitchen (with sink/refrigerator), and sitting area (with a sofa or dinette).  The walls and ceiling of a living quarters trailer are fully finished with lighting, padding, and wood molding.

gooseneck horse trailer

A “Hang Out” Trailer will typically have a toilet only (or no toilet) rather than a full bathroom.  It will have a few cabinets and running water with unfinished walls and ceiling. Basically, a “Hang Out” is like a regular trailer’s dressing room with the addition of a few features that make life a bit more convenient without breaking the bank!

Typically, you can do about $5,000 in upgrades on a gooseneck trailer before it becomes a “living quarters trailer” with finishes like wood working and plumbing. 

Consider a Living Quarters Horse Trailer Instead If:

  • You want a larger ‘human’ space in front of the horse area for meals, sleeping, and relaxation.
  • You want a full bathroom with toilet, and shower.
  • You want a full kitchen with countertops, a cooking area, refrigerator, and sink.
  • You want a sofa or dinette area where you can sit and chat with your friends inside your trailer.
  • You want a fully finished interior with wooden cabinets, built in stereos, TV, padded walls, and more.  Basically, you want a full “home away from home!”

If the items above appeal to you, then we’d recommend you check out more information on our Living Quarters Horse Trailers.

Consider a Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Instead If:

  • You want to tow with your smaller (non-pickup) tow vehicle.
  • You do not want a sleeping area on your horse trailer.
  • You are happy with a smaller dressing room or no dressing room all together.

If this sounds like you, then check out our Bumper Pull Horse Trailer models.

Gooseneck Horse Trailer Comparison Chart

 gooseneck horse trailer


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