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Custom Trailers for Every Equestrian: A Conversation with Mike and Shelley

Last updated March 18, 2024 by Brook Norris

Explore the personalized world of horse trailer design! This episode was hosted by Kalib, a trailer design specialist at Double D Trailers. He interviews Mike and Shelley, customers who have a unique story about their journey with custom-built horse trailers.

Mike and Shelley's Equestrian Background: Mike and Shelley share their long-standing relationship with horses. Shelley has been riding since she was three, while Mike was introduced to the equestrian world after marrying Shelley. Over the years, they have owned various breeds of horses, including Paso Fino and Rocky Mountain horses, and currently have four horses.

Experience with Horse Trailers: Their journey with horse trailers began with a 1976 Campbell coach, which they humorously describe as rusty and lacking floors. Over the years, they transitioned through various brands, constantly seeking trailers that offered both safety and functionality. Mike & Shelley emphasize the importance of safety, especially after a few alarming incidents with their previous trailers.

Choosing Double D Trailers: Mike's experience in a large animal rescue course significantly influenced their decision to choose Double D Trailers. He learned about the risks associated with the materials used for traditional trailers and the importance of steel frames for durability and safety. This knowledge, coupled with Double D's reputation for safety, led them to custom design their SafeTack Reverse Living Quarters trailer with the company.

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Customization Process: Mike & Shelley highlight the personalization aspect of designing their trailer. They were able to add unique features like turn signal indicators, extra water tanks, and a pre-connected water hose system, likening the process to building a custom home. This level of customization, they note, is a stark contrast to the limited options available with other brands.

The Impact of Trailer Design on Horses: Shelley shares that the design of their Double D trailer, especially the safe tack reverse option, has made a significant difference in how their horses travel. The horses are calmer, more comfortable, and handle turns better due to the trailer's design.

Recommendations to Other Horse Owners: Mike & Shelley enthusiastically recommend custom building a horse trailer with Double D Trailers. They appreciate the flexibility to design a trailer that meets their specific needs and the unique features that enhance both their and their horses' comfort and safety.

Mike and Shelley's story is a testament to the benefits of custom building a horse trailer. Their experience with Double D Trailers showcases the importance of safety, functionality, and personalization in trailer design.

Listen & watch Mike & Shelley's episode below! 

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