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Start Designing the Living Quarters Horse Trailer of Your Dreams

How Double D Trailers Can Save You Money and Stress on Your Next Trailer Purchase

living quarters horse trailerDesigning your dream living quarters horse trailer is a lot easier than you think.  Here at Double D Trailers, we’ve streamlined the process to deliver the perfect trailer to keep you and your horses comfortable and safe.  Smartly designed living quarters can transform a simple horse transport vehicle into a ‘home away from home.’  Read on to learn about the advantages of building a custom horse trailer with Double D Trailers.  Plus, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to create the trailer of your dreams!

When the founders of Double D Trailers began construction of their first designs back in 1997, they never planned to make living quarters horse trailers.  Owner Brad Heath recalled, “We quickly realized folks loved our trailers, but wanted living quarters!”  By 2003, they were in full swing building custom living quarters horse trailers with individual layouts and handmade cabinetry. 

Advantages to Buying a Living Quarters Horse Trailer from Double D Trailers

There are several advantages to designing a living quarters horse trailer with Double D Trailers.

  • deliveryTons of Design Options – The interior style of your trailer can contain a wide range of sofa styles, flooring, counter tops, wall coverings, kitchen layouts, and special features.  If you can dream it, we can build it!  Click on Customize Your Trailer to see photos, videos, and pricing.
  • Flat Rate DeliveryYour new trailer can be delivered directly to your home in the continental US for a flat rate of $395.  A Double D Trailer representative will show you how to operate your trailer and wait for your ‘thumbs up’ before they leave. (Learn more)
  • Top Horse Safety FeaturesDouble D Trailers has the most innovative safety features in the industry.  Some of these include the patented Reverse Slant SafeTack design, SafeBump ceilings, Z-Frame construction, SafeKick wall paneling, and Rumber flooring.  You will have a top-notch living quarters trailer without sacrificing the safety of your horses.
  • living quarters horse trailer'One Stop Shop' for Warranty & Repair IssuesMost other trailer manufacturers send out a ‘shell’ trailer to a third party company to install living quarters.  These interior designs are often cookie cutter styles and poorly installed.  This method not only creates additional costs, but it also means no one will take complete responsibility when a problem arises.  You won’t get the ‘run around’ at Double D Trailers.  We will do our best to fix any problems with our trailers with specialized serviceman that can come directly to your farm.
  • Expert Designers for Custom LayoutsDo you need a place for your motorcycle?  Do you want your trailer to look like a home in a designer magazine?  Do you need enough kitchen space to whip up an Italian feast? Talk to our guys.  Explain your specific needs and we’ll create scale drawings for your approval.
  • Save Money and Get the Features You WantBuying a shell trailer with third-party installed living quarters will often cost you more money. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the exact features you want and need!
  • High Quality Craftsmanship – Your trailer can have things like handmade home style kitchen cabinets, recessed lighting, on-board air conditioning, and deluxe fixtures.  No cookie cutter style interiors here!

Designing a Living Quarters Horse Trailer in Time for the Next Season

Double D Trailers has built several hundred living quarters horse trailers over the years so the entire process is down to a science.  “Designing a living quarters horse trailer is like designing two trailers in one – one for the humans and one for the horses,” Brad explained.  “We approach both designs as separate, independent projects.” 

living quarters horse trailer

Buyers can become overly excited about creating luxurious living quarters, but the safety of the horses should be your primary concern.  After all…it is a horse trailer first and foremost.

“My preference is to focus on the horse area first, and then the human area.”  Brad and his team will help you examine your specific horse needs.  This includes the size and type of trailer along with any special considerations like storage for motorcycles, ATVs, or horse carriages. 

Brad can also help you determine if you want a slant load or straight load trailer design.  “The SafeTack slant makes a much more efficient use of space than a straight load, ESPECIALLY in living quarter layouts.”  Other features to consider in your horse area are ramps, stall layout, escape doors, air vents, fans, flooring type, and tack storage.

living quarters horse trailer

Once the horses are taken care of, it is time to progress forward to the human portion of the trailer.  Brad starts by determining how many people will be sleeping inside and what amenities are needed.  “Most people want to focus on what it looks like, when really we are more concerned with ‘where’ things go rather than décor.”  Those small finishing touches, like types of wood and fixtures, are easy to determine after the basic layout is finalized and construction has begun.

“Once we figure out the horse area required and the human area required, it’s easy to put the two together, determine cost, and determine the vehicle necessary to safely carry the weight.”

Click here to take a video tour of one of our trailers.

6 Steps to Your Dream Trailer – How to Get Started

You are always welcome to use our contact form to ask your questions, but here is the basic process to create horse trailers with living quarters by Double D Trailers.

  1. living quarters horse trailerSelect Your Model and Customize – Select a model online and the features you’d like to include in your trailer.  Each trailer model has a list of features with photos, descriptions and even videos.  They will help you visualize your ‘must haves.’  Once you’ve created your dream trailer, you can ‘Submit Your Order Request’ to start the discussion with our team.
  2. Detailed Pricing EstimateWe will provide a detailed pricing estimate and point out any issues we see with the basic features.  For example, you cannot have a front stall door and a manger both selected.
  3. Iron out the Details in DesignExchange some ‘back and forth’ emails with our design team to add and remove certain features.  This will establish the final pricing.
  4. Custom CAD Drawing – We will create a CAD drawing to match the estimate.  Go ahead and challenge us!  We have yet to encounter a design challenge request that we couldn’t overcome.
  5. Place Your OrderOnce you are comfortable with the drawing, order details, and pricing, the estimate is converted to an official order and construction begins.
  6. Final TouchesAfter the initial construction begins, we will discuss final details like color selection and décor.  That’s it!  Your trailer can then be completed, approved, and delivered!

Click here to start designing your dream living quarters horse trailer!

What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

One of the best ways to decide if a custom horse trailer from Double D Trailers is right for you is to hear from our happy customers.  We’ve designed living quarters trailers for horse folks across the country and around the globe. (Learn more about buying from Canada.)

living quarters horse trailerPaul and Kim Gardin of Hampton, Virginia wrote:  “We received the trailer today and were very impressed. Greg was very helpful, walking me through everything and taking the time to help me get it sized for our truck. I took it for a short tow and it’s a perfect height combo for the truck. The finish work is excellent and the amenities are great. We can’t wait to take it on our first trip.”

Doug Brown of purchased a 3 horse Buffalo Living Quarter trailer in November of 2010.  He said, “The trailer is by far the "best bang for the buck" that I have seen!  I bought the trailer sight unseen and have not been disappointed in the slightest.”

living quarters horse trailerRosemary Lawler of Leesburg, Virginia wrote: “My little Buffalo trailer is absolutely perfect.  For such a tiny space, the storage is extensive and exceptionally well designed.  I love the screen door option - one night was blistery hot and I used the AC, but the next night was so pleasant I had the windows open and the screen door closed and it was lovely.”

Ivy Loftice of Kentucky invited friends into her trailer while staying at the Rolex 4 Star event at Horse Park: “We had a great time and were very comfortable! I'm thrilled with my huge closet and tack compartment that I have in lieu of another door into the LQ! Every time someone saw me near it they would stop and ask about it.  I gave two tours of the LQ!”

Susan Day from South Carolina wrote:  “Brad - It's so much more than I expected.  Internet shopping is good but you cannot grasp the quality and workmanship of your trailers from pictures or even videos.  Everything is so well made and it's more than I expected.

living quarters horse trailerLeslie McDonald and Douglas Froh of Ohio wrote:  “I cannot tell you how overjoyed we are with the new trailer.  Your attention to detail rivals that of the finest RV trailers.  Your finish and cabinet work is as tight as anything I have seen in the industry.  The fittings are all top class.  These trailers are by far the best value on the market.  The horses travel superbly well and load very easily.  The living quarters are awesome.  GREAT WORK!”

Sandy Tucker of Australia wrote:  “I would just love to say a big ‘Thank you’ for making my family such a beautiful trailer.  Our 3 horse Renegade is the most awesome trailer, the custom design interior plan was exactly what I ordered.    I’m sure that many more Aussie’s will be towing a Double D Trailer in the years to come.” (Learn more about buying from Australia here.)

Ordering a custom horse trailer online doesn’t need to feel like a shot in the dark.  Our proven process will allow you to visualize exactly what you’re going to get with full confidence.  The Double D Trailers team will help you cover every detail from initial questions through to final delivery.  There’s no reason to wait.  If you start the process now, you could have a brand new custom living quarters horse trailer in time for the next show season!

Click here to start designing your dream living quarters horse trailer!


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