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8 Benefits of Buying a Horse Trailer Online vs. Buying From a Local Dealer

double d trailers logoWalking onto a sales lot can be a nerve wracking experience.  Dealing with a pushy salesman, finding the right trailer, and then feeling confident in your purchase will likely leave you emotionally exhausted and wondering if you got the best deal possible. In contrast, buying online from Double D Trailers can be less stressful, more beneficial, and actually SAVE you money.  Read on to learn more!

Problems With Buying From a Local Dealer

More and more people are deciding to ignore local trailer dealers in favor of an online buying experience.  “It's amazing how many trailers we sell to clients that have a ‘dealer’ just down the street from them,” Double D owner Brad Heath shared.  “Rudeness is the #1 complaint we hear of why customers do not purchase from a local dealer.  Next, customers often tell us they do not ‘trust’ their local dealer for whatever reason.”

Poor customer service and distrust is a major problem when you are relying on that dealer to help you choose the best trailer for you and your horses.  You may end up with an overpriced or poorly built trailer that leaves you disappointed.

A dealer focused on making the sale wants to convince you to buy the biggest and best trailer on his lot, so he can reap the financial rewards.  He has a lot filled with various brands, floor plans, and models so he has the choice of which brand to promote to you so he can either make the most money or move his old inventory to make way for newer models.

Brad has seen this time and time again.  “Dealers add and drop brands frequently so it's amazing how one day brand ‘A’ is the best, yet six months later brand ‘B’ is the best.”  When you purchase a trailer from a lot like this, you are paying not only for the trailer, but also for the substantial mark up in price so he can maintain his inventory and staff the operation.

Finally there are other questions to consider:  What if the dealer goes out of business and you have an issue with your trailer?  What if you move out of the area?  What if the dealer drops a brand and goes to something completely different?  Each of these situations could leave you without a place to turn for help with your trailer issues.


8 Benefits of Buying Online From Double D Trailers

Many of these issues can be solved by instead buying from a company that has stood behind their brand and designs for over 20 years.  Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of buying online from Double D Trailers.


1.  Superior Safety Features 

The #1 reason to buy online from Double D Trailers is because of our superior safety features.  Front to back, our trailers are going to do a better job of protecting you and your horse while you are traveling.  Unique features and materials like the Z-frame design, tubular dividers, bumper-to-bumper full insulation, SafeBump roofing system, Rumber flooring, SafeKick walls, and SafeTack feature work to protect you and your horse on the road.

Several of these technologies are patented so we are quite confident you won’t see them with other manufacturers.

Carl of Peoria, IL wrote of his new bumper pull horse trailer, “The rumber floors are a dream, they can see each other through the barred dividers, and the second slam gate is something I never want to live without again.”


2.  Save Money with Factory Direct Sales

The trailers at the dealer’s lot have been marked up, sometimes significantly, to cover the cost of sitting on the lot week after week and to ensure that the dealer makes a profit.  In contrast, all of the Double D trailers are custom designed and built.  Once the design has been finalized, constructed, and approved, it is delivered directly to your farm where you can give it a final inspection before you accept your order.

Brad explained, “Our streamlined process of selling direct from the factory is very efficient and we pass the cost savings directly to the end user.”


3.  More BANG for Your BUCK

Besides saving money on a factory direct sales model, we should also highlight the quality that you’re getting for the price.  Brad explained, “We frequently hear how competitive our prices are in comparison to other brands.  Sure, there are always ‘cheaper’ trailers, but in this industry you truly get what you pay for.”

He explained that Double D Trailers provides a better value for the buck in comparison to competitor trailers dealers.  “We tend to have more safety features included in the base pricing, whereas other manufacturers either do not offer the feature, or it's optional.”

In fact, customer Doug Brown wrote, “The trailer is by far the ‘best bang for the buck’ that I have seen!”


4.  Convenient Online Shopping From Home

The convenience of at-home online shopping can hardly be overstated. You can sit around in your pajamas, drink a hot beverage, and browse through design options at your leisure.  This is a far cry from walking around a hot dealer’s lot and feeling pressured to make a decision then and there.


5.  Top Notch Customer Service

This company is run by good people with strong values.  We take the time to listen to the needs of each client and help them come up with a design that works best for their particular situation.  Sometimes this process can be done in a matter of hours or days.  Sometimes, it takes months to create the perfect custom design. 

Jim Phillips of Florida was impressed with his online buying experience after spending a lot of time looking at local dealers.  He wrote about his new bumper pull horse trailer, “I spent many weeks on trailer lots and on the internet in an effort to find the perfect trailer for my needs. There are a number of things that eventually finalized my decision: the online videos showcasing Double D Trailers' workmanship, same or next day responses to my questions, no-hassles, no paperwork problems, no ‘up-selling’ on ‘extras.’  And, there were no ‘surprises’ when I was notified the trailer was scheduled for delivery.” 

This is just one of many happy customers, so we’d encourage you to check out more customer testimonials here.


6.  Nationwide Warranty and Service Program

Since Double D Trailers sells nationwide, we are familiar with helping clients service their trailers wherever they may be.  In comparison to trailer dealers who may not know much about service and repair work, Double D can help with service in your area.

“We find repair shops that specialize in ‘repairs only’ are the best avenue for service.  MOST of the ones we work with do not sell trailers or represent any particular brand - they simply do repairs.” 

We can also arrange for a mobile repair service to take care of a problem "on the spot" at the customer’s home or barn.   This situation happened for Joe and Brittany in South Carolina when they had a Double D technician come perform a repair.  Joe wrote to Brad: 

“I wanted you to know Brian was here today and made the repairs to the trailer. He is a heck of a nice guy and did a good job in fixing the trim... Needless to say my wife is very happy and loves her trailer. We both are satisfied customers and would not hesitate to recommend Double D Trailers to our friends.”

Brad explained, “Although the repairs could have been performed locally, we felt more comfortable in having one of our factory technicians make the repairs on site at his barn to insure it was done properly.”


7.  You Can Buy With Confidence

After leaving a sales lot, it can be hard to shake the feeling that you may not have gotten the best deal.  Things are different with Double D.

We deliver new trailers nationwide for a flat delivery fee.  Plus, any small damage issues are covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty.  This is all in writing, so you are guaranteed to be happy with your purchase.

Many people hesitate because they feel like they need to see a trailer in person before they make the purchase.  Brad shared, “Now we have so many clients across the US, it's relatively easy to make an introduction for a potential buyer to an existing Double D Trailer owner.  It seems we almost always have someone within a near proximity and our trailer owners are always willing to show off their Double D Trailer.”

He continued, “Allowing potential buyers/shoppers to speak with an existing client and/or view their trailer works well. Not to mention, with our 100% money back guarantee in writing you truly do get to ‘see it’ before purchasing.  The transaction isn't complete until the customer has accepted delivery, so if they refuse delivery, they receive a 100% refund, no questions ask.”


8.      Get a Custom Horse Trailer Designed to Suit YOUR Specific Needs

The process to create your new custom horse trailer is pretty easy too.

Brad explained, “With the ability to customize online and submit order request and orders, we have really made it easy for our customers to find the information they need online.”

“Once we have received a build out request, the Double D Trailers team members can respond with more detailed pricing estimates along with drawing proposals.  The length of this process varies with the complexity of the project.”  Brad explained, “On smaller or less complex projects, often a client may submit a build out request/order and it's the first time we have ever made contact.  Within a few back and forth emails we finalize the order, sometimes the same day.”

Some more luxurious designs, like a large living quarter gooseneck horse trailer, take a bit more time to finalize.  It may take a few months of back and forth drawings, estimates, more drawings, and more estimates until everything is worked out.   “We work with them to insure everything is in place so when the their finances or situation permits, we can move quickly on their order.”

During this back and forth interaction, Brad, who is the chief trailer designer, enjoys getting to know the clients.  “It's one of my favorite things about designing trailers!  During the design process I may communicate several times per day with the customer so over the period of a few months you really get to know people.” 

The company testimonials highlight how well received Brad’s customer service and personal touch are received:

Deedee of Livingston, Montana wrote, “After a lot of research, I'm convinced they are building the best and safest built trailers on the market, with a lot of thought and attention to detail put into their trailers. In addition, Brad offered the best customer service by far in comparison to folks I talked with both at Sundowner and Featherlite trailers.”

Rosemary of Leesburg, Virginia wrote, “To cut straight to the chase - I enthusiastically recommend Double D!   Both Brian and Brad Heath - and the whole team, really - are wonderful to work with, polite, patient, organized and knowledgeable.  And I have only good things to say about my new trailer.”

Convinced yet?  If not, we highly recommend you head over to the testimonials page and read some more awesome feedback from happy Double D Trailers owners.  Then you can commit to never visiting a local sales lot again!


QUESTIONS:  Are you already a Double D Trailers owner?  If so, what was your purchasing experience like?  What are your questions about the design and purchasing process?


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