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The Advantages of a One Horse Bumper Pull Trailer with Living Quarters

It is always our goal to build the perfect trailer for every type of horse owner out there.  That’s why we’ve designed a new SafeTack One Horse Bumper Pull Horse Trailer with Living Quarters.  This particular model has some really great advantages you may want to consider if you are looking for a new home away from home for you and your horse.

What Type of Horse Owner Wants a SafeTack One Horse Trailer With Living Quarters?

First, the obvious — This trailer may be ideal for you if you own just one horse.

In addition, you’re looking for a comfortable place to sleep or hang out while spending a weekend away at a show or camping trip.  You’d rather not use a hotel or the back of your truck, so you’re looking for a comfortable home on wheels.

Sure, you could buy a larger gooseneck trailer with living quarters, but that seems like too much when it’s just you and your horse.

As a better alternative, this single horse trailer with living quarters gives you a small but comfy living area complete with a toilet, cooking area, dining area, and even a place to sleep.  It’s the perfect little oasis for a single horse owner on-the-go.

one horse trailer

Plus, you can use this indoor (and air conditioned) space to relax and take a break from the sun during long days at a show.  If you do happen to have a spouse or small family supporting you and your horse, then this living quarters can act as “home base” with space for a larger tent outdoors.

We feel that this particular trailer design does a great job of addressing the needs of those who think that one horse is the perfect amount.  As Double D Trailers owner Brad Heath explained, “You can have the amenities for “roughing it hotel style,” but keep it in a small compact bumper pull that is very safe to tow and easy to maneuver.”

Why is This Bumper Pull Trailer with Living Quarters Safer Than Others?

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that 2 horse bumper pull horse trailers with living quarters are very unsafe.  We definitely do NOT recommend them or build them. (Emphasis on the “two horse…”)

The biggest problem with this trailer type comes with the weight distribution.  The extra weight from the living quarters on a bumper pull design can throw off the balance of the trailer’s weight over the wheels.  In order to maintain a proper balance, the trailer designers need to position the axles and tires in the proper place so that the load is safely handled by the tow vehicle.

With a two horse bumper pull with living quarters design, there is a great deal of variability with where the horses will be standing.  Owners may choose to load two horses, one horse in a front stall, or one horse in a rear stall.  Since horses weigh around 1,200 lbs, this can greatly throw off the balance of the trailer as a whole.  

Some dealers and manufacturers might claim they are moving the axles forward to balance out the tongue weight, but this is not a sound solution. They will say anything to make a sale, but we urge you to be cautious.

bumper pull horse trailer

The axle needs to be positioned towards the rear of the horse trailer near where the horses are standing in order to avoid a negative tongue weight and trailer sway. With the axles positioned farther back, this results in a very heavy tongue weight that may exceed the hitch ratings on most SUVs or half ton trucks.

The point is this - with a two horse bumper pull trailer with living quarters, there is no “safe” place to position the axles.  You just never know exactly how the horse’s weight is going to be positioned.

We’ve seen a great number of complaints for other horse trailer brands that sell two horse bumper pull trailers with living quarters.  When they try to move those axles too far forward, the tow vehicles may experience dangerous sway conditions while driving.

Just so you understand, this only applies to 2 horse trailers…one horse bumper pull trailers with living quarters are perfectly fine.  

Let’s take a look at the differences below…

2 horse bumper pull horse trailers with living quarters are UNSAFE because:

  • Extremely heavy vertical tongue weight. - The large living quarters in the front of these 2 horse trailers creates a very heavy vertical tongue weight that often exceeds a reasonable hitch capacity for your tow vehicle’s hitch.
  • Horses cause variability in weight distribution. - With space for two horses, the trailer designers are unable to know for sure where the horses’ weight will be in the trailer.  Owners may choose to load two horses, one horse in the front stall, or just one horse in the rear stall.  Each scenario changes the weight distribution.
  • Reduced steering and handling with tow vehicle. - A very heavy tongue weight will push down on the rear end of your tow vehicle lifting the front end slightly off the road.  This isn’t enough to see with your eyes, but it will impact your steering.

1 horse bumper pull trailers with living quarters are SAFE because:

  • No variability for the horse’s position. - Since there is only one horse and one stall, we know exactly where that horse’s weight will be located during travel.  This lets us easily position the axles relative to the trailer’s living quarters for safer towing and a reasonable tongue weight.
  • Reasonable tongue weight.  - Again, since we know the horse is going to be exactly within their 40” stall, we can engineer the entire trailer for proper load distribution.
  • Safer driving with tow vehicle. - Since this is a bumper pull trailer, it will be easier for you to simply “hitch and go” when you are ready.  The overall length of this trailer is only going to be 15.5 feet, so it is not overly long or hard to maneuver.

More Reasons to Consider a One-Horse Trailer

Now that you understand why this living quarters horse trailer model is safe for the road, let’s take a look at some more of the one horse trailer benefits you can enjoy.

1. Easier to Tow

one horse trailerAs we mentioned before, this is a relatively small trailer at only 15.5 feet.  Since we are leaving out a second stall, we can reduce the length by 3.5 feet compared to a two horse trailer.  This shorter length results in more visibility and easier maneuvering compared to a longer trailer.

2.  More tow vehicle options.

If you were to buy a two horse gooseneck trailer, you would be a bit more limited in your selection of tow vehicles.  First of all, you would be forced to buy a pick-up truck to accommodate the gooseneck.  Second, a smaller trailer means you’ll also have a lighter towing load.  Again, this gives you more options when it comes to choosing your tow vehicle.

3.  Save on gas and trailer cost.

If you compare this single horse trailer with living quarters to a more typical 2 horse gooseneck horse trailer with living quarters, you will likely be spending less money for the initial purchase.  Plus, since it is a smaller and lighter load, you can save on gas as well.

4.  Avoid the liability of towing a friend’s horse. 

If you only own one horse, but you own a 2 horse trailer, then you may be used to friends constantly asking you for a ride.  Of course, this may be perfectly fine with you (assuming you enjoy your friend’s company).

But anytime you transport a friend’s horse, you are opening yourself up to some potential issues.  What happens if their horse is injured during transport?  What happens if their horse damages your trailer?  Who pays for damage or vet bills?  Both of these situations can be a little tricky to handle.

For that reason, you may prefer to have just a single horse trailer.  This way you can do your own thing and enjoy your friends’ company once you’ve reached your destination.  They can find their own ride to the event.

5.  Safer loading and unloading with SafeTack design.

one horse trailerUnlike a typical slant load horse trailer, our SafeTack trailer has an enclosed tack storage area that swings out like a second door.  This allows you to open up the entire rear portion of the trailer for loading and unloading.  For many horses, there is even enough space for the horse to fully turn around and walk off the back of the trailer in the forward direction rather than backing.

This loading configuration has helped many nervous horses get over their fear of loading and unloading.  In addition, we’ve put a great deal of attention on the interior of the trailer to make it  feel airy and light.  The horse area is fully insulated with a SafeBump roof and white interior to help control the temperature on hot days.  Plus, our trailers come with SafeKick walls, Z-Frame construction, and the option for Rumber flooring.

6.  Customizable living quarters.

Last, but certainly not least, is the living quarters.  This trailer design would use the “hang out living quarters” package with a cowboy (or cowgirl) shower rather than a conventional shower.  It then has room for a toilet, small cooking area, and 2-person dinette.  The table can fold down into a bed.  Finally, there is an interior door that leads directly back to the horse area.

Overall, this one horse bumper pull trailer with living quarters provides a great option for horse owners who only have one horse.  As always, if you have any questions about this or other models, please don’t hesitate to contact Brad.

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